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If you are a Windows Insider in the Beta Channel, Microsoft started rolling out Windows 11 KB5020040 updates to you. The latest update comes as Build 22623.891 (with new features enabled) and Build 22621.891 (with new features off by default).


The latest Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22623.891 adds a few new improvements to Task Manager, which includes search functionality and the ability to use your preferred theme.


Windows 11 KB5020040 update gets Task Manager search
Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22623.891


What's new and improved in Windows 11 KB5020040 update?

Process Filter (search functionality)

A search functionality inside the Windows Task Manager was always a most demanded feature by the users. This is now coming to reality. With the latest Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22623.891, Microsoft now added this feature to the Beta Channel insiders. You can search for a particular process by using the binary name, PID, or publisher name.


The filter algorithm matches the context keyword with all possible matches and displays them on the current page. The filter is also applied as you switch between pages, says Microsoft in the announcement post.



Better theme support

In the latest beta build, Microsoft has added the ability to use your preferred theme in the Task Manager. This will now allow you to set a specific theme to Task Manager regardless of the active theme in Windows. You can set it on the setting page of the Task Manager application.


Windows 11 Task Manager now also supports themes for in-app dialogs. All dialog except for “Run new task” and Properties dialog now supports themes and will adhere to either app-specific theme or Windows theme.



Improved Efficiency mode dialog

With the latest Windows 11 beta build, Microsoft now made it easy for you to apply Efficiency mode. It now offers you the ability to opt-out of the confirmation dialog. You can make changes on the Efficiency mode dialog box by unchecking the “Don’t ask me again” option.


You can also enable or disable it from the settings page of the improved Task Manager.


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