Microsoft's latest operating system, Windows 11, has been making waves in the tech industry since its release in late 2021. With its sleek design, improved performance, and new features, Windows 11 has been well-received by users worldwide.


In the latest Windows 11 Build 23419, Microsoft has added several new features that are sure to excite users. These new features include Live Kernel Memory Dumps, a USB4 settings page, and more.


In this article, we will take a closer look at these new features and explore what they mean for Windows 11 users. Whether you're a power user or a casual user, these new additions to Windows 11 are sure to enhance your experience with the operating system.


What's new and improved in Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 23419
Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 23419


You can soon create live kernel memory dumps from Windows 11 Task Manager

In order to facilitate the collection of Live Kernal Memory Dumps (LKDs), Microsoft added a number of new developer-focused features to Task Manager with the release of Windows 11 Build 23419. The purpose of a kernel live dump is to gather information for troubleshooting an anomalous circumstance while still enabling the OS to function. When compared to a bug check for "non-fatal" but high-impact failures and hangs, this minimizes downtime.


Together with the current "Memory dump" for user mode processes, the Live Kernal Memory Dump is also available now to the Windows Insiders in the Dev Channel.



When you right-click on the System process in Task Manager's Details page and select "Create live kernel memory dump file", the context menu should appear. This will allow you to record a full live kernel or kernel stack memory dumps.


Microsoft said that the dumps will be written to a fixed location:




Windows 11 Build 23419 adds a USB4 Settings Page

With the Windows 11 Build 23419 and above, the users can access the USB4 Hubs and Devices settings page under Settings > Bluetooth & devices > USB. With USB4, novel docking, high-performance peripheral, display, and charging productivity scenarios are made possible.


For a system with USB4 support, information about the system's USB4 capabilities and connected devices is available on the USB4 settings page. These tips are intended to help with troubleshooting in the event that users require assistance from the system administrator or the device manufacturer (OEM).



The features provided by this page are:

  • View the tree of connected USB4 hubs and devices.
  • View attributes and capabilities associated with the USB4 domain.
  • Copy the details into the clipboard so it can be shared with customer support or system administrators for troubleshooting.


Do note that this page won't be available if your system does not support USB4 with the Microsoft USB4 Connection Manager.


To determine whether your system is USB4 capable or not, check for "USB4 Host Router" populating in the Device Manager.



Cloud Suggestion in Simplified Chinese IME

Microsoft is experimenting with certain modifications that will let you type common words in Simplified Chinese with ease. A better cloud recommendation and an integrated search suggestion are two of the modifications. The most pertinent term from Bing is added by the cloud recommendation to the IME candidate pane. The logic on the back end has been improved so that we can offer better, newer suggestions.


You receive extra ideas from the integrated search suggestion that are comparable to those on the Bing search page. You have the option of searching directly in Bing or adding a recommendation as text.


Choose the chevron button at the bottom right of the IME candidate window to enable these functionalities. The Turn On button is there.


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