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Microsoft has unveiled Windows Copilot, an AI-powered assistant designed to enhance the user experience on Windows 11. With its integrated UI experience and a range of functionalities, Windows Copilot aims to simplify tasks and provide contextual responses to user queries.


This innovative feature is currently being rolled out to Windows Insiders in the Dev Channel, as Windows 11 Build 23493, with plans for further expansion based on user feedback. Let's delve into the article to know more about the feature.


Windows 11 Revolutionized: Discover the Power of Windows Copilot
Get More Done with Windows Copilot: Your Personal AI Assistant for Windows 11


Windows Copilot is now being rolled out with Windows 11 Build 23493

This early preview of Windows Copilot is currently being made available to Windows Insiders in the Dev Channel via a controlled feature rollout. While this first release primarily focuses on the integrated UI experience, future previews will introduce additional functionalities to further enhance the assistant's capabilities.


To access Windows Copilot during this phase, users must have Windows Build 23493 or a higher version in the Dev Channel, as well as Microsoft Edge version 115.0.1901.150 or above.



Getting started with Windows Copilot is as simple as clicking on the new button located on the taskbar or using the shortcut WIN + C. Upon launching the assistant, it will utilize the same Microsoft Account (MSA) or Azure Active Directory (AAD) account used to sign in to Windows, ensuring seamless integration within the operating system.


Windows Copilot appears as a sidebar docked to the right side of the screen, allowing users to interact with it without obstructing their desktop content or opening application windows. This feature ensures that Windows Copilot remains readily accessible whenever needed.



It can be used to ask questions or request actions, such as changing to dark mode, activating the do not disturb mode, taking a screenshot, summarizing a website (active tab in Microsoft Edge), writing a story, or creating an image.


The possibilities are vast, and Windows Copilot aims to provide users with a versatile and intuitive assistant for their daily tasks.


To provide feedback on any issues encountered while using Windows Copilot, users can click on the "..." icon located at the top right of the sidebar. Microsoft encourages Insiders to share their thoughts and suggestions, which will contribute to refining and improving the assistant's performance.



Although the current preview of Windows Copilot does not include all the features showcased at Build, Microsoft has plans to add more functionalities over time. While the initial release offers a basic set of Windows settings plugins, third-party plugin support is not yet available.


However, Microsoft is actively working on expanding the capabilities of Windows Copilot based on user feedback and insights gained from Windows Insiders.


In addition to its utility, Windows Copilot leverages Bing Chat to generate contextual responses and enhance the overall Windows experience. Users may come across inline recommendations through Bing ads, providing them with relevant information. Microsoft remains committed to privacy and responsible AI practices and encourages users to review the Microsoft Privacy Statement to understand how Bing handles their data.



The company also emphasizes its dedication to developing AI technology responsibly, highlighting the ethical principles that guide them throughout this journey.


As the rollout of Windows Copilot begins, it will initially be available to a limited number of Windows Insiders in the Dev Channel. Microsoft plans to closely monitor user feedback and assess the reception of the feature before making it available to a broader audience. Additionally, future updates may introduce policies that allow IT administrators to manage the Windows Copilot experience within their organizations.



Windows Copilot represents Microsoft's commitment to improving user productivity and providing innovative features in their operating systems. With its AI-powered capabilities and intuitive interface, Windows Copilot has the potential to become an invaluable assistant for Windows 11 users, simplifying various tasks and enhancing their overall computing experience.


As the feature continues to evolve, Windows Insiders can look forward to new functionalities and an even more refined Windows Copilot experience in the future.


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