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Git, the most widely used open-source version control system, has released version 2.42 with several new features and bug fixes. With contributions from 78 contributors, 17 of them being new to the project, this release brings some remarkable enhancements. Here's a comprehensive look at what's new.


What's new and improved in Git 2.42?
Git 2.42


What's new and improved in Git 2.42?

1. Enhanced Object Traversals with Bitmaps

The concept of reachability bitmaps allows Git to speedily ascertain the result set of a reachability query. The new version introduces an improved bitmap traversal algorithm, which can be significantly faster, especially when bitmap coverage is sparse. With this change, users can expect improvements of up to 15-fold in certain use-cases.


2. Efficient Reference Exclusion in for-each-ref

The for-each-ref command helps in listing references. In the updated version, a more efficient method to exclude references has been added. This change can lead to a 20-fold improvement in the CPU cost of advertising references during a push.



3. Preservation of Objects from Garbage Collection

Git 2.42 presents a method to keep certain unreachable objects from being deleted. With the gc.recentObjectsHook configuration, users can specify programs that indicate which objects should be immune to pruning.


4. Support for Sparse Index in diff-tree

The diff-tree command now supports the sparse index, ensuring that users can utilize this command without expanding their index.


5. Advanced Formatting with for-each-ref

The updated version enhances the for-each-ref command with advanced formatting options, particularly around GPG-related information.



6. Improved Functionality in git rev-list

The git rev-list now supports more complex modifiers when used in conjunction with the --stdin mode.


7. Safeguarding Tag Messages

A notable improvement is the preservation of in-progress tag messages even when an error occurs, ensuring users don't lose their work unexpectedly.


8. Improved Tag Listing

Git 2.42 fixes an oversight in the git tag command where it failed to report tags that pointed to a given object through other tags.


9. Enhanced git cat-file

In the latest version, git cat-file has introduced a -Z mode, which changes both input and output to be NUL-delimited, addressing potential parsing issues.



How to download the latest version of Git

The latest version of the Git client can be downloaded from the official site. To download Git version 2.41 for Windows, click here. To download Git version 2.41 for Linux/Unix, click here. To download Git version 2.41 for Mac OS, click here.


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