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Have you ever felt like technology was moving so fast that some of the familiar and beloved features got left behind? Well, Microsoft appears to be feeling a bit nostalgic with their latest Windows 11 update. They've reintroduced a fan-favorite feature and tightened up some loose ends.


The tech giant announced the release of Windows 11 Build 23531 for Windows Insiders in the Dev Channel, delivering significant improvements to the taskbar's search functionality, among other essential fixes.


Windows 11 Build 23531 brings back search experience on hover
What's new and improved in Windows 11 Build 23531?


A Beloved Feature Makes a Comeback

Remember that satisfying feeling when you'd hover over the taskbar's search box, and a search flyout would pop up, ready for your query? It seemed small, but it made the whole search process feel much quicker and intuitive. Well, guess what? It's back!


Microsoft's recent release of Windows 11 Build 23531 for their Dev Channel insiders has reincorporated this "hover-to-search" feature. For users who loved it – rejoice! And for those who didn't miss it or perhaps found it a bit jumpy, no worries. Microsoft's got you covered. With a simple right-click on the taskbar and a dive into the "Taskbar settings", you can choose how your search box behaves, ensuring your computer feels just right for you.



Say Goodbye to Those Pesky File Explorer Hiccups

Beyond the touch of nostalgia, Microsoft's also been playing detective, hunting down issues that caused the File Explorer to throw the occasional tantrum and crash. With this new update, it seems they've ironed out those wrinkles, promising users a smoother sail through their files and folders.



In Conclusion

It's heartening to see Microsoft nodding to the past while still moving forward, showing that they're really listening to their user base. The blend of old and new in this latest build of Windows 11 strikes a balance between comfort and innovation.


This new build should be a refreshing update for the tech-savvy crowd testing out the waters in the Dev Channel. And for the rest? You will have to wait eagerly for the public release, hoping to relive a bit of that familiar magic and enjoy a more stable computing experience.


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