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Microsoft is back at it, showcasing its dedication to making Windows 11 even better. The latest gem, Windows 11 Build 23545, has dropped for the Windows Insiders in the Dev Channel, highlighting the tech leader's drive to perfect their craft.


In this article, we'll navigate the exciting twists and turns of this update. If you're someone who gets thrilled by fresh features or simply wishes for a smoother user experience, you're in for a treat. Let's uncover what Microsoft has polished up this time!


A Closer Look at Microsoft's Fresh Updates in Windows 11 Build 23545 for Dev Channel Insiders
Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 23545


What's New in Windows 11 Build 23545?

Notable Changes & Improvements

1. Revamped Search on the Taskbar

Microsoft is tweaking the way users interact with the search box on the taskbar. Previously, hovering over the taskbar search provided a specific experience. In the new release, this has been replaced with diverse experiences that are triggered when you click on the search highlight gleam.



In certain scenarios, clicking the gleam will redirect users to a page linked with the search highlight. A tooltip for the search highlight gleam will always be visible when users hover over the search box.


It's important to note that Microsoft consistently experiments with different concepts within the Dev Channel, collecting feedback to hone the final experience.



2. Enhanced Windows Share Features

Microsoft introduced a feature that enables users to rename their devices with a user-friendly moniker. This aids in easily identifying devices during nearby sharing. You can access this via Settings > System > Nearby sharing.


A significant addition is the integration of Microsoft Teams (work or school) contacts directly within the Windows share window. This makes it possible to directly send files to these contacts if users are logged in with an Entra ID (AAD) account.



Fixes Galore

Microsoft has been vigilant in addressing issues that users have encountered. Here are some of the notable fixes:


File Explorer Fixes

  • Addressed multiple issues that were causing explorer.exe to crash.
  • Fixed color discrepancies when toggling between dark and light modes.
  • Eradicated a glaring white flash that was evident during the launch of File Explorer in dark mode.
  • Optimized File Explorer’s launch performance and rectified a performance leak.
  • Resolved issues pertaining to loading signals, sorting persistence, icon displays, and more.



Taskbar & Search Fixes

  • Rectified a high-impact explorer.exe crash affecting taskbar reliability.
  • Addressed an issue preventing the search from launching in some Dev Channel builds.


Input Updates

  • Restored support for Unicode Emoji 15 and the updated color font format with COLRv1.
  • Resolved issues linked with Japanese and Chinese IME candidate windows.
  • Fixed a recurring tabtip.exe crash that affected the typing experience.


Settings & Other Fixes

  • Rectified the non-functioning of the Settings app in safe mode for specific insiders.
  • Solved the problem where window mode screenshots would capture the entire screen rather than the targeted app.




Microsoft continues to demonstrate its commitment to refining the Windows 11 experience. By incorporating feedback and actively addressing known issues, they aim to provide a more seamless and robust operating environment for users. Insiders in the Dev Channel can now test out these changes and provide their invaluable feedback for further refinements.


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