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In the fast-paced world of software, updates and patches are inevitable. Just last week, Microsoft unveiled the Microsoft PowerToys v0.74.0 to its audience. Yet, in a testament to the company's commitment to perfection, they've swiftly released a subsequent patch addressing some key stability concerns. Here's a closer look at what Microsoft PowerToys v0.74.1 brings to the table.


What's new and improved in Microsoft PowerToys v0.74.1?
Microsoft PowerToys v0.74.1


What's new and improved in Microsoft PowerToys v0.74.1?

  • #28785 - After trying to calculate the All Languages charset in Quick Accent by joining the charsets of all languages, we missed that some characters were not in any of the languages. This adds those characters to All Languages again.
  • #28798 - This fixes a parsing issue when converting binary data from the registry files in Registry Preview.
  • #28914 - Fixes FancyZones automatically snapping context menus on some applications.
  • #28819 - Fixes SVG Preview ignoring some files with comments after we optimized the file parsing code.



How to download the latest version of Microsoft PowerToys

You can download the newest version of Microsoft PowerToys from the Microsoft Store or from the official repository on GitHub. If you already have Microsoft PowerToys installed on your computer, you can manually update it by navigating to the Settings page.


You can also download Microsoft PowerToys version 0.74.1 by clicking either of the following official links:


Please note that the links shared above to download the latest version of Microsoft PowerToys are official links hosted by Microsoft on the GitHub servers. It is still advisable to always scan with your antivirus software once you download something from the internet. Neither the author of this post nor the site will be responsible if something goes wrong.


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