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Microsoft is once again delivering a glimpse into the future of Windows with the release of Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 23595. The rollout is happening to the Windows Insiders who are in the Dev Channel.


This latest update brings a host of changes and improvements aimed at refining the user experience and streamlining access to key features. Let's dive into the notable enhancements that come bundled with this build.


Copilot, Windows Share, and More: Unpacking the Latest Windows 11 Build 23595
Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 23595



  • Copilot Gets a New Spot in the System Tray
  • Windows Share: Collaboration Made Easier
  • Windows Ink: Multilingual Support and Enhanced Functionality
  • Nearby Sharing Expands to Android Devices
  • Task Manager: Improved Process Grouping
  • Settings Overhaul: Notifications, Xbox Game Bar, and System Components



Copilot Gets a New Spot in the System Tray

One of the most visible changes in Build 23595 is the relocation of the Copilot icon to the right side of the system tray on the taskbar. Microsoft's goal is to enhance the accessibility and clarity of Copilot by placing its entry point closer to where the Copilot pane opens.


Alongside this move, the default behavior for the "show the desktop" action in the far-right corner of the taskbar has been turned off. Users can re-enable this feature in the taskbar behaviors section under Settings > Personalization > Taskbar.


The Copilot experience is also evolving with support for multiple monitors. Users can now press the Copilot button on the taskbar on their preferred monitor or use the WIN + C shortcut to display Copilot on the last monitor it was visible on. For keyboard users, the WIN + T keyboard shortcut focuses on the taskbar, allowing easy navigation to the Copilot taskbar button.



Windows Share: Collaboration Made Easier

For those signed in with a Microsoft Entra ID, sharing capabilities in Windows have expanded. In addition to sharing with Microsoft Teams (work or school) contacts, users can now share directly to specific Microsoft Teams Channels and group chats within the Windows share window, enhancing collaboration and communication.


Windows Ink: Multilingual Support and Enhanced Functionality

Digital handwriting, or inking, in Windows Ink, now supports additional languages and locales. Users in Chinese Simplified (People’s Republic of China), English (Australia, Canada, India, United Kingdom), French (Canada, France), German (Germany), Italian (Italy), Japanese (Japan), Korean (Korea), Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish (Mexico, Spain) can now leverage this feature. This update also introduces more accurate recognition technology and gestures for deleting, selecting, joining, splitting words, and inserting a new line.



Nearby Sharing Expands to Android Devices

Windows 11 Build 23595 changes Nearby Sharing, allowing users to discover and share files with their Android devices in discoverable mode through Bluetooth. This feature in the Windows share window facilitates seamless file sharing between Windows devices and Android counterparts.


Task Manager: Improved Process Grouping

In the realm of task management, Microsoft has enhanced the grouping of processes on the processes page in Task Manager. This improvement aims to provide a clearer and more organized view of running processes for users.



Settings Overhaul: Notifications, Xbox Game Bar, and System Components

The Settings section receives some notable updates in this build. Users can now expect account-related notifications for Microsoft accounts on the Settings homepage, emphasizing the connection between Windows and Microsoft apps. Notifications will be displayed across the Start menu and Settings, with management options in Settings > Privacy & security > General.


Xbox Game Bar undergoes a change in nomenclature, now simply referred to as Game Bar under Settings > Gaming. References to Azure Active Directory (AAD) are also in the process of being updated to Microsoft Entra ID within the Settings menu.


An additional change worth noting is the relocation of System Components, previously listed under Settings > Apps > Installed Apps page. They now have their dedicated space under Settings > System > System Components.



End Notes

As Windows 11 continues its development journey, each preview build brings us closer to a more refined and feature-rich operating system. Build 23595 showcases Microsoft's commitment to addressing user feedback and evolving the Windows experience based on user needs and preferences.


Windows Insiders in the Dev Channel can explore these changes firsthand, providing valuable insights before these features make their way to a broader audience.


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