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Microsoft is once again making waves in the tech world with the release of Windows 11 Build 26002 to Windows Insiders in the Canary Channel. This latest build introduces a feature that many users have been eagerly anticipating – the Energy Saver option.


Let's delve into the details of this new addition and explore the other enhancements that come with Build 26002.


Microsoft's Latest Move: Unveiling Windows 11 Build 26002 with Energy Saver
Windows 11 Build 26002


  • Energy Saver: A Boost for Battery Life
  • Taskbar & System Tray Enhancements
  • Settings Overhaul



Energy Saver: A Boost for Battery Life

The standout feature in Build 26002 is the introduction of Energy Saver, a powerful addition that extends and enhances the existing battery-saver functionality. This new feature provides users with an easy and efficient way to prolong battery life and reduce energy consumption by making strategic trade-offs in system performance.


Users can toggle the Energy Saver option on and off conveniently via Quick Settings in the system tray. For those who prefer automation, it can also be configured to activate automatically when the device reaches a specific battery percentage. It's worth noting that Energy Saver isn't limited to laptops; even desktop PCs can benefit from this feature when aiming to conserve energy consistently.



Changes and Improvements

Taskbar & System Tray Enhancements

Microsoft is keen on optimizing the performance and responsiveness of Quick Settings in the system tray. Users can expect a smoother experience with the changes implemented in Build 26002.


Managing VPNs in Quick Settings has become more user-friendly, especially for those with multiple VPNs. The introduction of a split toggle makes it easy to turn a single VPN on and off with just a click. This update also streamlines the VPN list, reducing the time it takes to initiate a connection.


The Wi-Fi Quick Settings flyout receives a handy refresh button, allowing users to update the list of available wireless networks. Additionally, a progress indicator during the scan helps users identify nearby networks more effectively.



Settings Overhaul

Build 26002 marks the beginning of the rollout of account-related notifications for Microsoft accounts on the Settings homepage. Microsoft accounts play a crucial role in connecting Windows to Microsoft apps, backing up data, and managing subscriptions.


Notifications will be displayed across the Start menu and Settings, offering users more visibility and control. Users can manage these notifications in Settings > Privacy & security > General.


In a visual refinement, colored backplates have been removed from app icons in Settings > Apps > Installed apps and Settings > System > Notifications. While this is an early implementation, Microsoft assures users that more fixes and improvements are on the way in future flights.



End Notes

Windows 11 Build 26002 is undoubtedly a significant milestone in Microsoft's ongoing efforts to refine and enhance the user experience. The introduction of Energy Saver addresses a critical need for users seeking to optimize their device's energy consumption. Combined with other improvements, this build reflects Microsoft's commitment to providing a more efficient, responsive, and visually polished operating system.


As Windows Insiders explore and provide feedback on Build 26002, anticipation builds for the positive impact these features will have on the broader Windows 11 user base in the near future.


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