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Microsoft has unveiled the latest version of PowerToys, with a primary focus on stability and improvements. The release, tagged as version 0.78.0, brings several enhancements, bug fixes, and exciting new features to make your Windows experience even smoother. Let's explore the highlights and key changes that come with this update.


What's new and improved in Microsoft PowerToys v0.78.0?
Microsoft PowerToys v0.78.0



  • Microsoft PowerToys v0.78.0 focuses on stability, language expansion, and improved user control.
  • New languages added: Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, and Ukrainian, promoting accessibility.
  • PowerToys Run issues addressed, resolving startup crashes and enhancing application navigation.
  • Utility-specific enhancements across AlwaysOnTop, Command Not Found, File Explorer, and more.
  • Settings overhaul includes new GPO rules, providing users with increased customization options.



What's new and improved in Microsoft PowerToys v0.78.0?

Language Expansion

One of the notable additions in PowerToys v0.78.0 is the inclusion of new languages - Arabic (Saudi Arabia), Hebrew, Persian, and Ukrainian. This expansion aims to make PowerToys more accessible to a wider audience. Microsoft encourages the community to actively participate in identifying and resolving potential bugs, fostering a collaborative approach to software development.


Security and Stability

In this release, Microsoft has diligently updated many dependencies, emphasizing both security and stability. By staying on top of the latest developments, PowerToys ensures a secure environment for users while delivering a smooth and reliable performance.



PowerToys Run Enhancements

Addressing user-reported issues, the PowerToys Run utility has undergone significant improvements. The update resolves startup crashes experienced after an upgrade, ensuring a seamless experience for users navigating through applications.


Customization and Control

Acknowledging user feedback, new settings and Group Policy Object (GPO) policies have been introduced to empower users with more control over PowerToys behavior post-upgrade. This addition, thanks to the contribution of @htcfreek, enhances the overall user experience.



Utility-Specific Enhancements

Several PowerToys utilities have received attention in this update:

  • AlwaysOnTop: Fixes were implemented to address an invisible border issue and the addition of the AlwaysOnTop icon to the base application executable, contributing to a more polished user interface.
  • Command Not Found: PowerShell scripts used during the installation process are now signed, ensuring a secure and trustworthy installation experience.
  • File Explorer Add-ons: Issues causing SVG Thumbnail generation to hang have been resolved, refining the preview experience for SVG files.
  • File Locksmith: The context menu entry caption has been improved for a more user-friendly experience.
  • Find My Mouse: Additional settings have been introduced to fine-tune shake detection when activating through mouse shake.
  • Hosts File Editor: A new feature to duplicate an entry has been added, enhancing the utility's functionality.
  • Image Resizer, Peek, PowerRename, Quick Accent: Each of these utilities has received specific updates, ranging from improved context menu entry captions to additional features and bug fixes.



Settings Overhaul

The Settings section has undergone a significant overhaul, including the addition of new GPO rules and settings to disable the What's New OOBE page and toast notifications about new updates. The user interface has been refined, addressing issues related to window visibility and foreground activation.



Microsoft PowerToys v0.78.0 stands as a testament to the company's commitment to providing a stable and feature-rich user experience. With language expansions, utility-specific enhancements, and a revamped settings section, this release caters to both novice and advanced users, promising a more refined and customizable Windows experience. Users are encouraged to explore the detailed list of changes and improvements to make the most out of this latest PowerToys iteration.



How to download the latest version of Microsoft PowerToys

You can download the newest version of Microsoft PowerToys from the Microsoft Store or from the official repository on GitHub. If you already have Microsoft PowerToys installed on your computer, you can manually update it by navigating to the Settings page.


You can also download Microsoft PowerToys version 0.78.0 by clicking either of the following official links:


Please note that the links shared above to download the latest version of Microsoft PowerToys are official links hosted by Microsoft on the GitHub servers. It is still advisable to always scan with your antivirus software once you download something from the internet. Neither the author of this post nor the site will be responsible if something goes wrong.


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