A multimedia player with a ton of features, the CARPURIDE Car Stereo with Wireless Apple CarPlay & Android Auto provides a better driving experience. This car radio offers convenience, entertainment, and safety on the road with its 9-inch HD IPS touch screen, wireless connectivity options, voice control features, and several audio output methods.


The CARPURIDE Car Stereo with Wireless Apple CarPlay & Android Auto, which I just got the chance to test out, is well beyond my expectations, I must say. We shall examine the different features and capabilities of this device in detail in this review, emphasizing its advantages and advantages for users.


Revolutionize Your Road Trips: An In-Depth Review of the CARPURIDE Car Stereo with Wireless Apple CarPlay & Android Auto
CARPURIDE Car Stereo [W901 Pro Model] with Apple Carplay/Android Auto/Mirror/Bluetooth 5.0/FM and more


In the age of connectivity and smart technology, in-car entertainment systems have transcended from being mere music players to becoming comprehensive multimedia devices. A top contender in this realm is the CARPURIDE Car Stereo with Wireless Apple CarPlay & Android Auto.


This car stereo has redefined on-road entertainment by integrating a host of features such as voice control support, versatile audio output methods, and light-sensing design, alongside providing seamless wireless connectivity.


This article offers an in-depth review of the CARPURIDE Car Stereo [W901 Pro Model], examining its key features, ease of installation, and overall performance. Whether you're a daily commuter, a long-distance driver, or simply a technology enthusiast, this comprehensive review will help you understand why the CARPURIDE Car Stereo is a worthwhile consideration for your vehicle.



Features of CARPURIDE Car Stereo Module

Products and Accessories

The CARPURIDE Car Stereo [W901 Pro Model] package is an all-inclusive kit offering a high-quality, immersive audio experience for your vehicle. Included in the package is the main component, a 9-inch black wireless portable unit that boasts a high-resolution screen and multiple input options for versatile media playback. The sizeable screen not only enhances visual appeal but also ensures easy user interface interaction, providing a seamless experience.


Accompanying the main unit are two sturdy mounting brackets - a portable sticker bracket and a suction cup bracket. These brackets offer the flexibility to mount the unit either on the dashboard or the windshield based on your convenience and the vehicle's interior design. The inclusion of these options in the package negates the need to purchase additional mounting equipment, adding value to your purchase.


Also provided in the package are a detailed manual, an audio cable, a power cable, and a car charger. The comprehensive manual guides users through the installation process, ensuring a hassle-free set-up experience. The audio cable and power cable, along with the car charger, provide all the necessary connectivity options you need to fully integrate the CARPURIDE Car Stereo into your vehicle's system.



Size and Interfaces

The CARPURIDE Car Stereo features a 9-inch HD IPS capacitive touch screen, offering a resolution of 1024x600. This high resolution allows for the display of clear and vibrant visuals, enhancing the overall user experience. Whether you're navigating through maps, watching a video, or browsing through your media library, the high-quality screen ensures a visually pleasing and easy-to-navigate interface.


Beyond its impressive display, the device is equipped with an array of interface options including USB, CAN IN, and TF card ports. These multiple input ports extend their compatibility to various devices, offering users a wide range of multimedia playback options. Whether you want to play music from a USB stick, view images from a TF card, or connect your device via the CAN IN port, the CARPURIDE Car Stereo has you covered?



The primary interface of the CARPURIDE Car Stereo is intuitively designed, presenting a range of icons for easy access to its numerous features directly from the device's home screen. These include i-Play for iPhone Car Play, A-Auto for Android Auto, Airplay for iPhone Mirror linking, and Autolink for Android Mirror linking.


Additionally, the interface contains an EQ effect icon, enabling users to tailor their audio experience according to personal preferences. It also provides icons for Bluetooth connectivity, USB and Card input options, and FM Trans for FM transmission functionality. Lastly, the Settings icon provides access to further device customizations and adjustments, ensuring a comprehensive and user-friendly experience.


The ease with which users can connect their devices and play their preferred media content is a key selling point of the CARPURIDE Car Stereo. It ensures seamless access to a wealth of entertainment options, making every drive enjoyable and entertaining. With such multifunctionality, the CARPURIDE Car Stereo proves itself to be more than just a car stereo; it's a comprehensive multimedia system for your vehicle.



Mounting Options

The CARPURIDE Car Stereo comes with two brackets: a portable sticker bracket and a suction cup bracket. The installation process is straightforward, and users can choose from three mounting options: dashboard mounting, windshield mounting, or telescopic regulation.


If you have ample space on your dashboard, the suction cup bracket would be the ideal choice for mounting the unit. However, if your dashboard is relatively cramped, you can opt for the portable sticker bracket and affix it to your windshield instead.


The adjustable angles and stable suction cup of the brackets ensure a secure fit without the need for complicated disassembly, saving labor costs compared to traditional installation methods.



Wireless Connection

A key advantage of the CARPURIDE Car Stereo is its versatile wireless connection capabilities. This feature accommodates the needs of a diverse range of users by allowing easy pairing with both Apple and Android devices via Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, or AirPlay. This flexibility ensures that regardless of your device's operating system, you can still enjoy the convenience and functionality that this stereo system offers.


The integration with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and AirPlay not only facilitates effortless device pairing but also ensures seamless access to a wide variety of applications. Whether you want to use your phone's navigation system, stream your favorite music, or watch videos, the CARPURIDE Car Stereo allows you to do so with ease. All of this multimedia content is just a few taps away, and it can be displayed on the car stereo's 9-inch high-definition screen, enhancing your entertainment options while on the move.


Moreover, the straightforward pairing process enhances the overall user experience by making it easy for drivers to connect their devices to the car stereo. This feature contributes to a more enjoyable and convenient driving experience, as you can access the multitude of applications on your smartphone without needing to physically handle the device. Consequently, the CARPURIDE Car Stereo not only provides an enhanced in-car entertainment experience but also promotes safer driving habits.



Shortcut Keys and Voice Control

The CARPURIDE Car Stereo is designed with user convenience in mind, offering a host of shortcut keys that enhance the overall user experience. These shortcut keys provide easy access to the stereo's most commonly used features, streamlining your interactions with the device.


One of the most noteworthy features of the CARPURIDE Car Stereo is its support for various voice control systems, including Apple Siri, Android voice control, and Google Assistant. By simply pressing and holding the microphone icon shortcut button, users can activate voice control, allowing them to operate navigation, music, and even phone calls without needing to physically interact with the device. This hands-free operation greatly reduces the need to manually navigate through the device's interface, leaving you to focus on the road.


The incorporation of these voice control systems into the CARPURIDE Car Stereo brings about significant improvements in driving safety. By reducing the need for physical interaction with the device, drivers can keep their hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road, lessening the likelihood of distractions that could potentially lead to accidents. This integration of user-friendly features and safety-conscious design makes the CARPURIDE Car Stereo a valuable addition to any vehicle.



Four Audio Output Methods

The CARPURIDE Car Stereo takes into account the diverse listening preferences of users by offering three distinct audio output methods. This range of options ensures that all users can experience high-quality audio in a way that best suits their needs and preferences.


Firstly, users can utilize the stereo's built-in 5W speaker to listen to their music directly from the device. This feature is ideal for those who prefer a straightforward, plug-and-play setup without the need for additional connections.


Alternatively, for a more integrated audio experience, users can connect the CARPURIDE Car Stereo to their vehicle's existing audio system using the provided AUX cable. This method allows the stereo's audio to be played through the car's speakers, providing a more immersive listening experience.



Additionally, the CARPURIDE Car Stereo [W901 Pro Model]'s Bluetooth transmitter serves to connect your car speakers directly. By establishing a wireless connection between the stereo and your car's speaker system, you can enjoy your audio with optimal sound quality. This feature ensures that the sound output from your car speakers is rich and clear, elevating your in-car audio experience.


Revolutionize Your Road Trips: An In-Depth Review of the CARPURIDE Car Stereo with Wireless Apple CarPlay & Android Auto


The CARPURIDE Car Stereo [W901 Pro Model] presents a unique advantage with its dual Bluetooth design. This feature, not commonly found in many car stereos, ensures an enhanced level of convenience and audio quality. With Bluetooth 5.0 capability, the CARPURIDE Car Stereo allows wireless pairing with your smartphone, enabling hands-free calling and speakerphone listening.


Revolutionize Your Road Trips: An In-Depth Review of the CARPURIDE Car Stereo with Wireless Apple CarPlay & Android Auto


This hands-free functionality is particularly useful when driving, as it minimizes distractions and allows you to maintain focus on the road. Whether you're receiving an important phone call or want to catch up with a friend while on the road, the CARPURIDE Car Stereo has you covered. The convenience of this feature extends beyond phone calls, as it also supports wireless audio streaming from your smartphone, letting you enjoy your favorite playlists seamlessly.



Finally, the CARPURIDE Car Stereo also offers an FM transmission option. To use this method, users need to adjust the FM frequency on both the stereo and their car's radio to match. Once paired, the stereo's audio will be transmitted over the chosen FM frequency, allowing users to enjoy their music through their car's FM radio system.


This variety of output methods ensures the CARPURIDE Car Stereo's compatibility with various audio setups, from simple to more sophisticated systems. It allows users to tailor their listening experience to match their specific needs and preferences, truly making the CARPURIDE Car Stereo a versatile and user-friendly addition to any vehicle.



Built-in EQ Function

For music lovers, the CARPURIDE Car Stereo offers a delightful feature in the form of a built-in EQ function. This equalizer function is a game-changer when it comes to personalizing your audio experience. Whether you're playing music via Bluetooth, USB drives, or SD/TF cards, you can engage the EQ function to customize the sound output according to your preferences.


The EQ function provides a variety of preset sound effects including classic, jazz, and rock. These presets allow you to tailor the tonal balance of your audio playback, amplifying or reducing certain frequencies to better suit the style of music you're listening to. For instance, the jazz setting might emphasize the mid and high frequencies to bring out the intricacies of the bass and string instruments, while the rock setting could boost the bass and treble for a more powerful sound.


This level of customization empowers users to fully optimize their listening experience, enhancing the enjoyment of their preferred music genres. By allowing such detailed control over the audio output, the CARPURIDE Car Stereo ensures that you can always have the best possible soundtrack for your journeys, fine-tuned to your personal taste. This feature further reinforces the CARPURIDE Car Stereo's position as a high-quality, user-friendly device that caters to the diverse needs of all music lovers.



Light-Sensing Design

The CARPURIDE Car Stereo is thoughtfully designed with features that enhance user convenience and promote safer driving, one of which is its light-sensing functionality. This feature enables the device to automatically adjust the screen brightness in response to the surrounding light conditions. Whether driving under the bright sun or in the dim light of night, the screen brightness adjusts accordingly, providing optimal visibility at all times.


This intelligent light-sensing design significantly enhances user convenience by eliminating the need for manual brightness adjustments. Instead of fumbling with settings while on the road, users can trust the device to provide an optimal viewing experience under any lighting condition. This automatic adjustment ensures the screen is always comfortably visible, reducing eye strain and potential distractions while driving.


Moreover, the CARPURIDE Car Stereo's ability to seamlessly transition between different brightness levels contributes to a smoother, more enjoyable driving experience. Users will appreciate the effortless shift in screen brightness when driving between areas of differing light intensity, such as entering a tunnel during the day or exiting one at night. By thoughtfully integrating such user-friendly features, the CARPURIDE Car Stereo further proves its commitment to delivering not just excellent audio performance, but also a safer and more comfortable driving experience.



2.5D High-Definition IPS Display

Carpuride W901 Pro Car Stereo introduces 2.5D High-Definition IPS Display


The CARPURIDE Car Stereo stands out with its superior 2.5D high-definition IPS display. This advanced screen technology offers a significant enhancement in visual quality compared to standard displays found in typical car stereos. It provides users with clear, sharp images and vibrant colors, which greatly improve the overall multimedia experience.


One of the key benefits of this 2.5D high-definition IPS display is its enhanced clarity. Whether you're using navigation, browsing through your media library, or watching a video, the high-resolution display ensures every detail is crisp and easily readable. This clear visibility is particularly beneficial when using navigation apps, as it allows for effortless reading of map details and directions.


Additionally, the vibrant colors brought to life by the high-definition display make for a more engaging and enjoyable viewing experience. Whether you're watching a movie or browsing album art, the vibrant colors enhance the visual richness of the content.


Moreover, the IPS technology ensures a wider viewing angle. This means the screen remains clearly visible even when viewed from different angles, a particularly important feature for a device mounted in a car, where passenger and driver viewpoints can vary greatly.



Wide Power Supply Range

The flexibility of power supply options means that users are not restricted to using the CARPURIDE Car Stereo only in their vehicles. Instead, they can also utilize it in a variety of other settings such as at home or during outdoor activities. This adaptability makes the CARPURIDE Car Stereo a more versatile and practical solution for multimedia entertainment.


For instance, users could potentially use the stereo as a portable multimedia player for a backyard party or camping trip, allowing them to enjoy their favorite music or videos in different environments. Likewise, when used at home, it could serve as an extra screen or speaker system for those who desire high-quality audio and video playback.



Suitable for Various Vehicles

Carpuride W901 Pro Car Stereo is Suitable for Various Vehicles


The CARPURIDE Car Stereo showcases exceptional compatibility with its ability to support a power supply voltage ranging from 12-24V. This adaptability enables the device to cater to a broad spectrum of vehicles. Whether you own a compact car, a spacious SUV, an off-road vehicle, or a large truck, the CARPURIDE Car Stereo is designed to seamlessly integrate with your vehicle's power system.


This wide-ranging compatibility removes the common constraints of vehicle-specific entertainment systems, allowing more users to experience the superior features of the CARPURIDE Car Stereo. It eliminates the need for additional converters or power adapters, further simplifying the installation process and enhancing the overall user experience.


Moreover, this flexibility extends the stereo's potential market reach. It allows dealers and installers to offer the CARPURIDE Car Stereo as a viable upgrade to customers with various types of vehicles, improving customer satisfaction through its adaptable design.




CARPURIDE Car Stereo [W901 Pro Model]


Based on my experience and thorough analysis, the CARPURIDE Car Stereo, equipped with Wireless Apple CarPlay & Android Auto has left a significant impression with its robust array of features and ease of use. The light-sensing functionality, which automatically adjusts the screen brightness based on the surrounding light conditions, is a standout feature. It ensures optimal screen visibility without causing eye strain, offering convenience and an added layer of safety for drivers navigating different lighting conditions.


Installation proved to be a straightforward and user-friendly process, facilitated by the inclusion of two versatile mounting brackets - the Portable Sticker Bracket and the Suction Cup Bracket. The flexibility these provide in positioning the stereo either on the dashboard or windshield eliminates the need for complicated disassembly, offering a labor and cost-saving alternative to traditional installation methods.



The device's wireless connectivity options are notable. The pairing process with Android Auto, either through a wired USB connection or wirelessly via the stereo's Wi-Fi feature, was seamless. It is worth noting that Autolink, which mirrors the screen functions of a connected Android phone, supports only wired screen projection. For better connectivity and media playback, it is recommended to use a high-quality USB data cable when connecting to the CARPURIDE Car Stereo.


In conclusion, the CARPURIDE Car Stereo presents a compelling combination of innovative features, practical functionalities, and user-friendly design that significantly enhances the driving experience. Its offerings range from wireless connectivity and voice control support to a high-definition IPS display and multiple audio output options. The added convenience of the light-sensing design and ease of installation further enhance its appeal.


Given these impressive attributes, the CARPURIDE Car Stereo [W901 Pro Model] comes highly recommended for anyone seeking to upgrade their in-car entertainment and connectivity options. This device provides a perfect blend of convenience, safety, and on-the-road entertainment, making it a worthy addition to any vehicle.


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