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The number of gambling companies offering multiple betting categories to their customers grows daily, especially in Canada. The state recently opened its doors to the iGaming industry, which explains why there are tons of different gambling sites that have a lot of products.


Although it was one of them, Spin Casino opted to concentrate exclusively on its casino products because it realizes the perks of doing it. Sadly, some brands haven’t done that yet, so instead of providing world-class services in one department, they prefer to be mediocre in several areas.


Why are more and more gambling sites in Canada focusing exclusively on their casino products?


There is no arguing that using online casino websites with several betting sections is a plus, especially if you are bored of using something specific. However, no one can deny that a gambling site that only focuses on its casino has a lot of advantages, and we’re about to take a look at most of them.


People who use casino websites bet more money

You do not need to be an expert in the online gambling industry to know that people who like casino games usually spend more than those who wager on sports. As you can imagine, all of the top-tier casino websites in Canada have access to this information, so they want to maximize their earnings.



Instead of investing money into sports betting products, they prefect to double down on their casino section because people will spend more money.


Since gamblers use more funds while playing in a casino, some sites have specific requirements not available elsewhere. For example, it is common for an operator to have a slightly higher bet limit, especially for some of the table games. Therefore, Canadians who want to focus on a site that only has casino games should be ready to spend more money if needed.


Canadians are famous for spending a lot, but since Japan is about to open its first casino, we wouldn’t be surprised if Japanese gamblers end up spending even more.



It is easier to maintain one section

Like all companies, gambling websites want to maximize their profits while minimizing their risks. To do that, they need to focus on the things that bring them more money and try to reduce operating costs. As you can imagine, one of the easiest ways of doing this is by removing one of the betting sections.


When you see a gambling site in Canada or another country with tons of different sections, it means that the brand needs to hire many people to maintain it. Gambling companies need someone to monitor the activity, tech and customer support, and so on.


By removing some of their sections and focusing all their efforts on the casino, companies only have to hire people for it. Needless to say, this reduces the operational cost, which increases the casino’s profits.



They can provide better bonuses

Many Canadian gamblers haven’t had the pleasure of using casino bonuses yet, but those with more experience are aware that these promotions are a lot more attractive than the rest. When comparing an offer for sports and the casino section side by side, you can see that the second group of rewards is way more attractive because of the additional funds and free spins.


Of course, there are tons of interesting sports betting bonuses, but the perks for the casino section are always on another level.


When a given gambling brand decides to drop its other sections in favor of the casino, it can focus all of its efforts on it and provide people with a better experience. A part of having fun while using such a site is to try at least some of the different bonuses. Unsurprisingly, sites that only have casino games provide way better promotions than the rest because they can focus their resources.



Many people are wondering why some casinos do not offer thousands of extra funds, whereas others have multiple offers like that. The answer is simple - budget. The sites that do not have enough funds won’t be able to pay the money to the potential winner, which means that they can’t afford such offers. To make up for it, they decide to remove a potential section and only focus on the casino, allowing them to provide better perks.




There are many cross-platform gambling sites that gain more customers in Canada, but it seems like the overall trend is for operators to focus on one product. Sports betting and casino games have their pros and cons, so you just have to decide which one to focus on.


Of course, some people like using separate platforms that provide better options for one of the products. So that’s also a possibility.


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