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What Makes an NFL MVP?

Becoming an NFL MVP is quite challenging. Therefore, keep this in mind when checking the super bowl lines. - Published by Kunal Chowdhury on .

Becoming an NFL MVP is quite challenging. In basketball, talent can be determined by looking at his stats without seeing him play. In other sports, deciding on an MVP is quite different. In football, the offense is critical. However, there were instances in which a defensive player got the title. Therefore, keep this in mind when checking the super bowl lines.


What Makes an NFL MVP?



League MVP

When determining the MVP, the sack totals might not be the primary assessment point. We had seen this in the past when Elvis Dumervil of Denver got 20 1/3 sacks. His team wasn't considered a strong defense. However, his name still didn't make it to the MVP section, even though there were already players that won the title with less performance.



However, it isn't all about the sack totals, as we already mentioned. Also, they don't highlight the importance of tackles and interceptions. We haven't seen the pros in tackles in the MVPs. Patrick Willis and his 96 attempts weren't enough to become a part of the MVP list. So does Curtis Lofton with his 101 tackles. Therefore, the tackles aren't quite important when choosing the MVP. The names that showed superior numbers in the running still didn't make it to the MVPs. You can check important NFL information at BetUS to keep updated with the latest news.


The NFL is pretty much interested in the offense. However, it might not be the crucial factor. Brett Favre and Payton Manning had an excellent performance when it came to offense. They had incredible stats but still didn't make it to the award.



What makes an NFL MVP

We have already explained all factors influencing whether a player will get the award. These aren't the crucial assessment points with excellent offense and defense being at play. We can say that popularity in the media is the number one criterion. Throughout history, we have seen many favorites getting the award. When talking about favorites, we refer to the players adored by the media.


For now, we have seen a lot of great players. They showed excellent stats and performance. However, they still didn't get the MVP award. Why? Because they weren't the type of player that a reporter would chase after with a microphone. Great players didn't get the title because they weren't popular with the media.


On the other hand, some players are media-friendly. Even though they might not have spotless records, they will still get the chance to become the MVP. We saw that with Jared Allen in the past. He is an excellent defensive player, but he is considered to win the MVP. Why? Because he is a media-friendly player, which has given him points. The same happened with Adrian Peterson, who enjoyed immense popularity. Even Favre was considered a probable winner. Many of you remember that there was a lot of fuss in the media about him. Some people hated him, and some adored him. In both cases, he was extremely popular in the media. Even though Favre was an average player without many achievements, he was a favorite for the award.



Past achievements

Even though the media plays a crucial role in who will get the MVP, there is one more thing to consider. The past achievements will have a significant influence on the current season. Setting records is considered if a player wants to become MVP.


Another critical factor is the player's contribution and role in the team. Can the team do well without them? If a player is a good leader and contributes massively to the team, he will likely win an MVP.


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