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Choosing a major that best meets your career aspirations, interests, and personal strengths is of critical importance. Statistics show that two-thirds of college graduates struggle to launch careers, which is in large part due to a poorly chosen field of study.


Check out some of the most popular majors among college students in 2022. There is a reason they are so popular. Review their pros and cons carefully to identify one that will pave the way for successful academic performance and an even more successful career.


Popular Majors Among College Students in 2022



According to Forbes, business is the most popular major among high school students in 2022. It is a perfect fit for those planning to learn the fundamentals of business, which includes project management, financial management and accounting, economics, international companies, and many more. Students can make a decision about choosing a discrete field of specialization at a later stage during their college years.



Psychology piques many students’ interests because it provides ample opportunities and space for digging deep into human behavior, their underlying causes, and implications for future actions.



Students enjoy learning about developmental and cognitive studies, social psychology, different types of personality, and many other engaging disciplines. In addition, they can reinforce classroom learning through field research and internships.


Like other disciplines, psychology is a demanding one. College students have numerous college assignments, research projects, and term papers to complete. That is why they read grab my essay review to benefit from reliable, trustworthy, and affordable online writing services.



This might come as a surprise, but nursing has proved to be a popular choice too. As students learn the ropes in clinical nursing, administration, and research, they are able to apply academic learning to practice. Upon graduation, students can become registered nurses to start a rewarding career.


Nurses have an important and much-appreciated role requiring quick thinking skills, sound judgment, and a sense of responsibility.



Computer sciences

This does not come as a big surprise. We live in a technology-driven world of applications, games, AI-based solutions, databases, and many more. Students choose a computer science major because it is a proven way of getting a high-paid job following graduation.


Those who are particularly good at software development can acquire the knowledge and skills that will be in high demand for many years to come. Some students opt for cybersecurity as their specialization. Given an increased number of cyber-attacks, cybersecurity is a top priority for companies, governments, and international organizations.


Many tech giants keep an eye on promising students and try to lure talented students via various offers and promotions.




A medicine major is both a popular and a tough choice among all college majors. Students come to grips with how a human body is built and how diseases influence its key functions. It takes many long years to study medicine before you can become a medical doctor.


But once you do, you are up for a well-respected and rewarding career. Students can also opt for researching jobs, which are no less important in terms of their contribution to the medical sciences.


Hospitality Management

As the incidence of the pandemic keeps decreasing, the tourism sector is likely to bounce back strongly. Students like to choose this major because of the range of choices it offers. They study marketing, project management, risk management, and an array of related disciplines.


Students can also consider starting their own businesses. They can start with a small business, such as a guesthouse or a catering service, and expand if the startup proves to be successful.



Concluding Remarks

There are many popular majors students are likely to pick in 2022. It is important to choose one that meets your interests, strengths, and aspirations best. Do proper due diligence to learn what’s available out there. Take time to review what each of them has to offer to pick one that will set you off to a successful career.



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