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Salesforce-Based Apps Use in Healthcare

Salesforce-based software may become an extremely efficient tool for those who strive to constantly improve their healthcare business productivity. - Published by Kunal Chowdhury on .

The world’s healthcare industry keeps showing intensive growth, which causes huge rivalry among the companies. That's why medical enterprises actively introduce different tools to stand out from competitors. Using the link, you can find all the latest info about Salesforce-based solutions that are highly praised by healthcare business owners. Here, you can find a brief summary of the main aspects.


Salesforce-Based Apps Use in Healthcare


Industry-specific Benefits for Healthcare

It's noteworthy that Salesforce-based software is perfectly compatible with a variety of third-party database systems. This advantage appears to be extra helpful when you consider that, according to Healthcare IT News, an average clinic employs up to 16 different EHR systems at the same time. On top of that, every hospital has to routinely deal with the following:

  • digital lab reports;
  • insurance claims for various systems;
  • marketing and billing info, and many more.



Salesforce-based applications can put all that information together in a neatly organized structure. This will significantly streamline the workflow and provide the hospitals' management with more time and resources to make better decisions. Plus, they will be able to spend more time dealing with patient care-related challenges instead of handling complex documentation.



Improved Team Collaboration

Any large clinic has several groups of medical and nonmedical professionals, divided based on the type of services they provide. For example, there can be these departments:

  • ambulance drivers, doctors, and nurses;
  • intensive care personnel;
  • residential treatment staff and physiotherapists. experts advise on creating separate digital environments for medics depending on their specializations and positions. In this way, members of individual teams will be able to view unified care management plans, assign tasks, and send messages to each other.



Complete Protection of Patient Data

HHS Office for Civil Rights (OCR) data breach portal states that only in the first half of 2023, about 39 million people were affected by medical data leakages. Patient information security remains the top priority for every healthcare organization. Specialists say that Salesforce-based solutions offer advanced encryption and data protection tools that allow you to store all the sensitive info according to HITRUST and HIPAA requirements.



Who Already Uses Salesforce-Based Apps

Some medical organization owners still don't employ Salesforce-based applications, though. Noltic experts consider that such business holders just aren't aware of the key benefits of the mentioned apps’ usage in healthcare. They have explicit data on Salesforce-based solutions implementation within multiple medical organizations all over the world. Here is the list of the most successful use cases:

  • Stanley Healthcare – provides a comprehensive suite of solutions for the safety and operational efficiency of health facilities.
  • Cochlear – an Australian company that designs, manufactures, and supplies Nucleus cochlear and Hybrid electroacoustics, as well as the Baha bone conduction implants.
  • Mount Sinai Hospital – one of the oldest and biggest teaching clinics in the US.


And that's far from the whole list of medical organizations that have significantly improved their workflows using Salesforce-based solutions.



A Few Words in Conclusion

Salesforce-based software may become an extremely efficient tool for those who strive to constantly improve their healthcare business productivity. You, however, will fully benefit from the mentioned applications only if trustworthy developers make them for you. One may get comprehensive tips on choosing a reliable Salesforce ISV by contacting consultants at


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