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Microsoft announces that the company is planning to add support for Android and iOS in .NET 6. The next major version of .NET (i.e. .NET 5.0, currently in Release Candidate 1) is going to be shipped in November 2020, and .NET 6 will be shipped in November 2021 as an LTS (Long Term Support).


If you are an application developer, you should know Microsoft's plan on releasing the next versions of .NET, and the support for Android, iOS platforms. Conversely, they will stop supporting platforms that are no longer relevant.

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It's more than a year, when .NET Standard 2.0 was announced by Microsoft. Now, time is to get an update to it with new features. Microsoft announces the next version of .NET Standard 2.1, which will include around 3K new APIs.


Apart from this announcement, Microsoft also announced that, anyone can now submit proposals for API additions and a review team will review those time to time.

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