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In recent years, when data was easily getting breached, experts introduce the encryption mechanism. But later on, it gets discovered that attackers are targeting vulnerable systems holding private keys to effortlessly decrypt file content.


But now, by using a Hardware Security Module (HSM) you can prevent malicious attackers from stealing the private key. With its usage, many organizations are solidifying their digital security and are successfully able to prevent unauthorized persons from performing digital signing on their behalf. Therefore, HSMs are now a necessity and you must understand their fundamentals.

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Starting with the release of Google Chrome version 68, in July 2018, it will mark the unencrypted sites as "Not Secure". That means, if you have a website that does not have SSL certificate, Google will start notifying the users that the site is not secure.


To provide a safer experience to your users, you must install SSL certificate and start serving your site in HTTPS protocol.

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