How to create an offline installer of Visual Studio 2017 RC?

During the Connect() developer event, Microsoft released Visual Studio 2017 RC (Release Candidate). The said post contains all the Microsoft server links to download the public build, which is a web installer and you need to connect to internet while installing.


In case you need an offline installer to download once and install in multiple systems, here's the post to generate the offline installer. Continue reading the know more about it.


Create an offline installation of Visual Studio 2017 RC (


The 'Visual Studio 2017 RC' build that you generally get from internet is a web installer. If you would like to create an offline installation layout of Visual Studio 2017 so that you can install the product on a computer that doesn't have an internet connection or want to download once and install to multiple devices, here's the steps:

    • Download the Visual Studio setup executable file to a drive on your local machine. You can get it from here
    • Now run the downloaded setup executable with the following arguments (switches) from a command prompt:
        • Add --layout <path>, where <path> is the location where you want the layout to be downloaded. By default, all languages will be downloaded.
        • In case you want to restrict the download to a single language only, you can do so by providing the --lang <language> argument, where <language> is one of the ISO country codes.
cs-CZ Czech
de-DE German
en-US English
es-ES Spanish
fr-FR French
it-IT Italian
ja-JP Japanese
ko-KR Korean
pl-PL Polish
pt-BR Portuguese - Brazil
ru-RU Russian
tr-TR Turkish
zh-CN Chinese - Simplified
zh-TW Chinese - Traditional


For example, to download the 'Visual Studio 2017 RC Enterprise Edition' under the local path "C:\Visual Studio 2017 RC", you need to provide the following command:


vs_enterprise.exe --layout "C:\Visual Studio 2017 RC" --lang en-US            # English Edition

vs_enterprise.exe --layout "C:\Visual Studio 2017 RC" --lang ko-KR            # Korean Edition


To install Visual Studio 2017 on the target machine from an offline installation layout, you first need to navigate to the Certificates folder, which you can find in the Layout folder. Now, right-click and install each certificate in the Certificates folder. If you are prompted for a password after you install a certificate, click Continue. Then run the downloaded setup executable again (in our above case, it is 'vs_enterprise.exe') from the Layout folder and follow the onscreen options.



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  1. What about filtering the workloads, the default installation is still huge, I want just the IDE and .Net Desktop component, how to do?

    1. You can always do a customized installation. If the offline version is not good for you, you can always download the 'Web Installer' which will be optimized based on your choice. Refer the downloadable links here - Visual Studio 2017 RC

  2. This process wont work. Kindly provide step by step method.

    1. What's the issue that you are facing? Please let me know.

  3. Provide a point and click interface or better - option to download an offline installer. Stop this web install BS for 5GB full of files.

    1. Hi Neolisk,

      There are no such direct ISO available at this moment. Only option that we have is just download the web installer and do a layout to grab the offline installation media. It's around 13.1 GB layout files for en-US locale/language.

      If you don't have such bandwidth available, better to go with the web installer and select only the items that you need to download.

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  4. Hello Kunal, I see that product definition could not be loaded in setup. I see nothing is blocked in Firewall and host file. How I can got it work, please help.

  5. hello kunal,
    Can VS 2015 and VS 2017 RC work simultaneously ..

  6. Good day

    I am currently trying to download the offline installation of VS2017. The file size is 19.6 gigs so far as the black screen showing the individual packets has disappeared. Now my issue is while installing i don't get my C# installation like in 2015 but only F# which. So my question is what is the actual size of the offline download and could my download be corrupt in someway as I don't get a GUI like visual studio 2015 which informs me of missing packages.

    Kind regards,

  7. i want the full offline installition Can anyone Give to Me By github or Something
    My internet connection is Very Weak

    1. Hi Sagad,

      If you have weak internet connectivity, I would suggest not to download the offline version. Rather, go for the original installer and select the workflow/modules as per your need. This will save a lot of your internet bandwidth.

      Hope this helps.

      Kunal Chowdhury

  8. what i sthe size of setup i have download only 2.09 gb

    1. Hi Mani,

      It comes around 18 GB (in my case) for the offline installer package, in en-US localized version.

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  10. Mine always craps out before it finishes :(


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