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Followed by the Visual Studio 2017 updates (version: 15.5.3 and 15.5.4) in this January, Microsoft released another build with some new fixes and improvements. Heading towards the next major update, this bumps up the version number to 15.5.5.


To know what are the new fixes part of this new update (version: 15.5.5), check out this post. Don't forget to check the 'Known Issues' before upgrading.

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If you have a big solution with so many projects in it, the all new 'Visual Studio 2017' provides a new feature called 'Lightweight Solution Load', that helps to reduce the solution load time and substantial improvement in memory usage.


Today in this blog post, we are going to discuss about this feature along with the option to enable or disable the 'Lightweight Solution Load' feature.

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The all new 'Visual Studio 2017' IDE, which was released as 'RC (Release Candidate) bits' during the Microsoft's Connect() event, introduces a new installation experience. If you have already installed the bits, you might have experienced that.


As it is currently in RC build, let me describe the new installation experience here to help others to know about it before they finally start using it.

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During the Connect() developer event, Microsoft released Visual Studio 2017 RC (Release Candidate). The said post contains all the Microsoft server links to download the public build, which is a web installer and you need to connect to internet while installing.


In case you need an offline installer to download once and install in multiple systems, here's the post to generate the offline installer. Continue reading the know more about it.

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During Connect() developer event on 16th November 2016, Microsoft announced the Release Candidate (RC) bits of next major version of Visual Studio named as 'Visual Studio 2017', which is already known to us as 'Visual Studio 15'.


In this post, I am going to share the direct download links of different editions of Visual Studio 2017 RC from Microsoft servers.

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Visual Studio "15" is an early preview build of the next major release of Visual Studio, which has been released by Microsoft on 30th March 2016, during //BUILD/2016 developer conference at San Fransisco. It provides early adopters to try out the new features and provide continuous feedback.


To know more about the preview release and to get the links of the web installer and/or the ISO image for offline installation, continue reading the post.

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