Microsoft Expression Studio 4 Released

image Microsoft launched their Expression Studio 4 today (7 June 2010), as expected. It includes Sketch Flow, Expression Encoder, Expression Web and Expression Design. This release comes with the Upgrade version. If you already have the licensed copy of Expression Studio 3, it will auto update to Expression 4 and you need no new license.

You can download it from Microsoft Expression Studio site.

Please note that, if you are developing in Silverlight for Windows Phone 7 and want to use Expression Blend, don’t install this version of Expression Studio. Continue working with the Expression Blend 4 Beta and the Windows Phone 7 CTP Tools for developers. Once the Windows Phone SDK releases, there will be service pack for Expression Studio.

Quick Overview on New Features:
  • PathListbox, a feature that allows you to draw a path on the artboard and bind listbox elements to it
  • New shapes like arrows, stars, callouts and more
  • New behaviors like CallMethodAction, DataStateBehavior, InvokeCommandAction, etc and Conditional behaviors
  • New pixel shader effects
  • Adobe Photoshop Layers imports
  • Enhanced sample data source
  • Model-View-ViewModel support
  • Easier styling and customization
  • Default styles for controls when working with SketchFlow projects
  • Enhanced Screen Capture by Expression Encoder
  • DRM for Live Content
Read Tim Heuer's Blog and Adam Kinney's Blog to know more about Expression Studio 4. Also read the top features of Expression Studio from Soma Segar's Blog.

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