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imageIf you are a developer and want to get the “Telerik JustCode Developer License”, here is the chance for you. I am going to give you one license code absolutely Free which costs around $249. The registration process will end on 15th October 2010. Based on the registration, I will announce the Winner name on 20th October 2010.

So, why are you waiting for? Read the full post for the steps of Registration for this offer.

Telerik JustCode is an agile development add-in for Visual Studio 2005, 2008 and 2010 that enhances .NET development productivity by providing blazing fast solution-wide, on-the-fly code analysis and error checking, smart code navigation and refactoring features.


I have one Telerik JustCode Developer License (with Subscription & Priority Support) and want to give it to one my readers who actively participate in the online technical communities to share knowledge. If you are interested to get the License, please Subscribe to my Blog (don’t forget to activate the email Subscription) and answer the followings in the comment section of this post:
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  3. If you have any Technical Blog, give the URL
  4. Why do you want the Telerik JustCode Developer License?
  5. What are the 4 new best features in .Net 4.0?
  6. What is Silverlight and why should I use it?
  7. Give at least 5 examples of your work those you did for the online technical field
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I will close the giveaway registration on 15th October 2010. Based on the registered email (will remain Private) and the comment/answers, I will select one among them and will declare it by 20th October 2010.

  • Your email address must be valid while subscribing to this site (Email ID will remain Private as I Hate Spam)
  • Don’t post multiple replies to this page
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    • This offer is only applicable for the developers
    • Telerik official can’t take part of this giveaway

    I am giving this coupon personally to the developers who are active on sharing knowledge by any media like Blog, Forum or Twitter. This is not related with my Organization or Telerik Officials.

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    1. 1. Lakshmi T.
      2. n/a
      3. n/a
      4. i want to refactor my code properly so that it will be bug free
      5. dynamic keyword, updated GC, optional & named parameter, touple, lazy
      6. silverlight is a browser plugin for rich browser application. we need the runtime to browse a silverlight application.
      7. joined as a fresher 3 months ago. just seeking information from net.

    2. 1. pratap
      2. no
      3. no
      4. for better code refactoring
      5. dynamic
      6. it's a browser plugin
      7. no

    3. 1. Kamal S.
      2. N/A
      3. N/A
      4. For better coding
      5. Optional Parameter, Dynamic Keyword, Tuple, Lazy Initializer, ASP.Net MVC 2, Silverlight 4 support, Better WPF Functionalities
      6. Browser Plug-In to give Rich Interactive Application
      7. N/A

    4. 1. Tim Dietrich
      2. @timmydietz
      3. http://www.timdietrich.net
      4. I am a start-up business, catering to small - medium sized businesses int eh development of Silverlight 3 and 4 applications and websites. Since I am just starting out, I wouldn't be able to afford these controls otherwise. I have seen them used, and they look fantastic!
      5. Tuples, Parallel computing, In-Process Side-by-Side Execution, lazy initialization for any custom types.
      6. Silverlight is Microsoft's RIA development solution which prevents OS / Cross-browser issues, using the technologies us .NET developers already know and love. The better question is, why shouldn't you use it? Answer: No reason at all!
      a) www.ranoverbyatractor.ca
      b) www.timdietrich.ca
      c) http://slresizeaspectratio.codeplex.com/
      d) http://filelister.codeplex.com/
      e) http://rtf2dotnet.codeplex.com/
      f) http://www.myeroc.com

    5. 1. S. Mustafa
      2. I don't have any Twitter account
      3. I don't have
      4. Telerik JustCode is an agile development add-in for Visual Studio 2005, 2008 and 2010 that enhances .NET development productivity by providing blazing fast solution-wide, on-the-fly code analysis and error checking, smart code navigation and refactoring features. I need it for my personal use to improve my development capabilities.
      5. Some new features that I liked on .Net 4 are improved GC, improved parallel processing, Tuple, Dynamic Language Runtime, BigInteger and Complex Numbers, Lazy etc.
      6. Silverlight is a powerful cross-browser & cross-platform technology for building the next generation web experience & rich internet applications for the web. Using Silverlight you can create rich, visually stunning web applications like flash. Also you can create smooth animations using Storyboards etc.

    6. 1. Peter Kuhn
      2. Mister_Goodcat
      3. http://www.pitorque.de/MisterGoodcat

      4. Visual Studio already is a great tool. However, there's still much room for improvement, especially when you're doing a more agile development process and need to refactor often. At my previous employer, I was using ReSharper, which was a good tool, but for various reasons I never got really warm with it. Now that I've started my own business, I'm evaluating competitors, and JustCode looks very promising - I want that license because not having to pay for it would help me in this early stage of my business.

      5. Multithreading is a hobbyhorse of mine, so naturally the new parallel computing features have to be on top of that list. A big step forward are the improvements in ADO.NET, i.e. Entity Framework 4, and I also like how ASP.NET (especially MVC) keeps evolving. Oh and let's not forget MEF... just great. I know the list is already filled, but I want to mention the tiny improvements you can find everywhere (although I'm not sure whether some really are .NET improvements or new C# features), like covariance/contravariance, tuples, optional arguments (although potentially dangerous...) etc.

      6. Silverlight is the coolest web technology since like ever, and YOU should use it to maintain your Silverlight MVP status :D

      7. Private stuff: I have some historical projects which are not available online anymore. After a "relaunch" in 2010, when I moved from a Unix based webserver to a Windows host, I did not put these things back online simply because they were outdated (if you need more info on these projects, contact me). For example, after the release of Managed DirectX, I had the first Managed DirectDraw tutorial of the web online. The multi-part series created a complete break-out like game. Later, I released a second tutorial series that implemented that same game using Managed Direct3D. I also developed and maintained some smaller free tools to aid developers, for example a converter to turn Visual Studio's rich text source code formatting into HTML source for online documents (before the times of Windows Live Writer and the blog boom, that was).

      My current activities include small contributions here and there, for example I contributed fixes for the outstanding memory leaks in BlogEngine.NET and wrote a free tiny Visual Studio Add-in to improve the debugging experience for Silverlight developers in Firefox (see my new blog for details about both). A main dedication is to provide free support for devs in the Silverlight community. For months I've been the most active non-MS user in the official Silverlight forums, see http://forums.silverlight.net/members/mistergoodcat.aspx

      Work stuff: Over the last years I worked as project manager/technical director and was responsible for quite some large-scale web applications. However, almost all of these are customer-specific developments running in-house/in LANs/VPNs, or you cannot see more than a login screen facing to the public; so, no demos available online :-/. Contact me if you're interested in more info.

      Is there a limit on the length of these comments? I hope not :]


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