DevComponents.comRecently I explored DotNetBar for Silverlight which is a 3rd Party library by DevComponents. I wrote two articles explaining Ribbon Controls for Silverlight from the DotNetBar library. It's amazing and simple to use. I have my own license of that Library. Thought to give some licenses to my Blog readers and Twitter followers.


Read this post to know more about DotNetBar and if you feel that you want it, try to Win the license for FREE. This time I am going to give 4 Silverlight Licenses of the same. So, more chances to Win. Hurry!!! The free registration process will end on 28th February 2011.



DotNetBar for Silverlight is toolbox of user interface components designed to help you develop professional Silverlight applications with ease. DotNetBar for Silverlight controls are built 100% for the Silverlight platform and they take advantage of the capabilities of latest Silverlight version. Please checkout Live-Demo that shows controls included and then download fully functional trial version to try it in your project.



Giveaway - Win for FREE

If you want to Win this control for FREE, you need to register for it here.

The free registration for this offer will end on 28th February 2011 and will declare the Winners list by 5th March 2011.



How to Register

The registration process is very easy. Just do the following steps and you are in the list to Win it:


Included Components

Inside this package, you will get the following components:

  • Office 2010 Style Ribbon Controls bar
    DotNetBar Ribbon Silverlight Control with Office styling
  • Schedule Calendar Control
    DotNetBar for Silverlight Calendar, Schedule Control Multi-Resource Month View
  • Outlook Style Navigation Control
    DotNetBar Outlook style Navigation Pane Silverlight Control
  • Clock Control with Time Picker
    DotNetBar for Silverlight Clock Control
  • Toolbar Control
    DotNetBar for Silverlight Toolbar Control in horizontal layout
  • Super Tooltip Control
    DotNetBar for Silverlight SuperTooltip component

That's all about the registration process. We will announce the winners list by 5th March 2011 in this blog and twitter. Keep reading our articles and gain your knowledge on Silverlight and Windows Phone 7. All the best... Thumbs up

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