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DevComponents.comRecently I explored DotNetBar for Silverlight which is a 3rd Party library by DevComponents. I wrote two articles explaining Ribbon Controls for Silverlight from the DotNetBar library. It's amazing and simple to use. I have my own license of that Library. Thought to give some licenses to my Blog readers and Twitter followers.


Read this post to know more about DotNetBar and if you feel that you want it, try to Win the license for FREE. This time I am going to give 4 Silverlight Licenses of the same. So, more chances to Win. Hurry!!! The free registration process will end on 28th February 2011.

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In my previous article "Exploring Ribbon Control for Silverlight (Part - 1)", we discussed about the Ribbon control Library provided by Devcomponents. We created a small demo application, where we integrated the Ribbon control bar in the XAML.



In this article, we will discuss more on the Ribbon control items. It will be helpful for you to understand them in depth and use it in your application. Read the complete post and at the end, let me know your feedbacks.

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Microsoft Office 2010 has a cool new Ribbon Control bar which looks pretty rich and it is very easy to use with compare to the old Menu bar. Probably you may know that, we can create such Ribbon bar using WPF but did anyone think whether we can do it using Silverlight too, very easily?


DotNetBar Ribbon Silverlight Control with Office styling


Yes, we can create such Ribbon UI for our Silverlight application. So, if you want it for your Silverlight application, you can implement it very easily after reading these series of articles on Ribbon control.

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