Daily News Headline @SilverlightZone - 11 February 2011 - #27

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In this issue we have again 11 Authors. Today's posts are from: Vikas, Mahesh Sabnis, Abhishek Baxi, Jesse Liberty, Owen Williams, Jeremy Likness, Dave Isbitski, Windows Phone Geek, John Papa, John-Daniel Trask and Travis Pettijohn.




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Here is the list with all news headline posted (February 11th, 2011) at Silverlight-Zone:



What I learned about being a Windows Phone 7 Developer - by Dave Isbitski
Silverlight DataGrid with Dynamic Columns - by Travis Pettijohn
Free Silverlight controls – yes, you heard right - by John-Daniel Trask
Silverlight TV 61: Expert Chat on Deep Zoom, Touch, and Windows Phone - by John Papa
WP7 CustomInputPrompt control with Cancel button - by Windows Phone Geek
Light up your Silverlight Applications for Windows 7 Firestarter content available for download - by Dave Isbitski
Parsing the Visual Tree with LINQ - by Jeremy Likness
Exclusive: Windows Phone 7 update not due until March 8 [Update] - by Owen Williams
Windows Phone From Scratch #32 - Navigation 101–Cancelling Navigation - by Jesse Liberty
Offline RSS Reading Framework for Windows Phone - by Abhishek Baxi
Silverlight 4: Master Details with two DataGrid - by Mahesh Sabnis
Silverlight double click event - by Vikas




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