Microsoft officially announced the expected release time for the Silverlight 5 Beta. Yes, it will be available next week during MIX11. This information was shared in Microsoft Silverlight Team's Blog post "Standards-based web, plug-ins, and Silverlight".


So a new era to this technology is coming next. Only few more days we have to wait before trying out the latest components which are coming in Silverlight 5. Read the full post to find out the link to Features list in Silverlight 5.




In the Blog post Microsoft stated that they are going to release the beta version of Silverlight 5 during MIX11 which is going to happen next week. Here is the message that they mentioned in the post:


As part of the continued support for scenarios that require plug-in based capabilities, we will ship a beta of Silverlight 5 at MIX, with some great demos for compelling scenarios. And as we stated in the summary above, we believe Silverlight delivers the richest set of plug-in based capabilities available to developers today, making the choice of Microsoft technologies even more compelling in aggregate.



Silverlight 5 will now support a great collection of new features like improved media with remote support, improved DRM, smoother animations using the fluid user interface, advanced text support including multi column, debugging inside the binding, debugging inside the style setters, XAML parser improvements, faster loading of XAML at runtime, access of hardware devices, access to unmanaged code, 3D graphics programming interface, enhanced out-of-browser support and child window improvements are some of the key factors in coming Silverlight 5.


All features may or may not be there but hoping to see some good features in Silverlight 5 Beta. You can find the features list that was published during Silverlight Firestarter event by Scott Guthrie here:


New Features Announced for Silverlight 5 Beta


Probable Final Release of Silverlight 5 will be later 2011.

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