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Scott Guthrie announced availability of Silverlight 5 Beta at MIX11 conference. We already know what is coming on Silverlight 5 beta during Silverlight Firestarter. It's time for us to download the first Beta of Silverlight 5 and make our hands dirty with those bits.

Read the post to get the downloadable links of Silverlight 5 Beta Tools for Visual Studio 2010 and Expression Blend Preview for Silverlight 5. Install them and start doing your hands dirty with the bits.

At MIX 2011 conference, Scott announced the availability of the first Beta version of Silverlight 5. The probable features list was already announced on December 2010 during Silverlight Firestarter by Scott and this is the time when we received the first version of Silverlight 5.

Make sure that, Silverlight 5 is currently in Beta release. Hence, it doesn't provide "Go-Live" license. You can install the developer run time as the production ready "end user" runtime is not available.


You can download the Silverlight 5 from the below link. It requires you to install Visual Studio 2010 SP1 first. Find below the installation steps with the links:



Top Features included in Silverlight 5 Beta

Here are some Top Features those had been included in this version of Silverlight 5 Beta:

  • XAML Debugging with breakpoints for binding debugging
  • Implicit data templates for easy UI reuse
  • Double (and multi) click support
  • GPU-accelerated XNA-compatible 3D and immediate-mode 2D API
  • Low-latency sound effects and WAV support
  • Real operating system windows and multi-display support
  • Significant performance improvements, fixes and much more

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