Follow us on X (Twitter)  Like us on Facebook  Connect with us on LinkedIn  Subscribe to our YouTube Channel  Subscribe to our WhatsApp Group completed it's 4th month with a huge posts on Silverlight, Windows Phone 7, XAML etc. This month was the best month for those technologies. During the MIX11 event in this month Microsoft released it's first beta of Silverlight 5. They also released the Async CTP for Silverlight and WP7 and many more.


In this post I am going to share the best picks of the month as well as top links of the week. In this month top visited post was from Michael Crump where he demonstrated creating his own website using Silverlight. In this week the post from Abhishek Baxi received a huge hit where he listed out all Windows Phone developer resources. He called it as "Mother of all Lists".


Read out the whole post to find out the top links of the month and the week.




Most Popular Posts of the Month

From the stat of SilverlightZone, here I am publishing the most popular 5 posts of April 2011. In this month top viewed posts are from Michael Crump, James Mundy, Jeremy Alles, Silverlight Team and Kunal Chowdhury. Here comes the list:



Most Popular Posts of the Week

Here comes the most popular 5 posts of the week. Top links are from Abhishek Baxi, John Papa, Michael Crump, Jesse Liberty, Jeff Prosise. Find the list of the top links below:



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Lastly, I am thankful to Michael Crump and Shravan Kumar Kasagoni for their contribution in I am also thankful to all the supporters and visitors of the site to make the site successful.

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