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Today Microsoft showcased Ribbon UI support in Windows Explorer of Windows 8. This features a nice look and feel to the User Interface by providing all the recommended tasks in one place using the Ribbon bar. We are all familiar with Ribbon bar which is currently present in Microsoft Office but this is the first time when they integrated it to the Windows OS by default.


I am really very excited to see this in Windows 8 and thought to share it with you. Hope you will also like it. Read the post to know more about it and also find the useful links and video at the end of the post.


Overview of the Ribbon Toolbar

We all use the Windows Explorer daily for our daily work and it was needed by the Windows 8 team to come up with some new look to attract the users and also give flexibility to the regular commands.




Ribbon Toolbar accumulates all the basic functionalities in one place by putting separate tabs as group. You can now access maximum operations to file or folder directly from the Ribbon. Have a look into the following screenshot for details:


Windows 8 Featured new Ribbon UI


Here you can see that, the commands those were part of the Context menu in earlier versions, now contains in the main UI itself and hence it reduces the complexity (ahh... complexity! I really doubt) of the right click and choosing the appropriate one.


Windows 8 Featured new Ribbon UI


Similarly, "My Computer" will have all related disk commands directly in the Ribbon as shown above. So, who will care to Right click and go to the properties panel by clicking the context menu item just to format a drive or clean up the unnecessary spaces or defragment your hard drive!!!


What Next?

Hope, like me, this also caught your eyes. So what next? There is an awesome post by Steven Sinofsky in MSDN Blog:  Building Windows 8 - Improvements in Windows Explorer. Go and read that to understand it in better way. Also he has some good screenshots to know more about this.


Click to view the Video Demonstration


Download the Complete Video describing the Ribbon UI in Windows 8: Improvements in Windows Explorer (Video)

Reference: Building Windows 8 - Improvements in Windows Explorer

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