Telerik MVP (Most Valuable Professional)

It's the early morning, when I received a mail from Telerik MVP Lead (Community Relations Manager) Holly Bertoncini stating that, I have been awarded as Telerik MVP for the Q2 of 2011. This is because of my contribution towards the Telerik (Silverlight) community.


Feeling good to add an additional MVP tag to my profile. Thanks to Telerik team for considering my work to reward me as an MVP. Also thanks to all my readers & followers, who supported me all the times.


Telerik MVP Program

You might want to know about the Telerik MVP Program and it's benefits. This is what Telerik mentions about the MVP Program in their site:

The Telerik MVP Program aims to recognize and reward the amazing people who are highly successful at their own jobs and yet find the time and energy to share their extensive knowledge and passion about Telerik products with fellow developers. The Telerik MVPs have been actively contributing to the evolution of our organization and spreading the word about our products to the community.

The MVP Program is for the people who are passionate about our products and stand out among our valuable customers. They are a big asset for us and their ongoing Evangelism has and will play an important role in our company’s success. The MVP Program is a modest way to show appreciation for their voluntary efforts.


Here are some MVP Program benefits:

  1. Free licenses for Telerik products.
  2. Involvement in product development.
  3. First-hand look at Beta programs - opportunity to get the alphas, betas and pre-release builds of all Telerik products.
  4. Access to the Telerik's internal MVP roadmap.
  5. Direct communication channel with the product teams.
  6. Active community contributors will get invitations to attend major conferences at the companies expense.
  7. Personal blog and spotlight posted on Telerik's website.
  8. Exclusive discounts that can be passed on to colleagues including the ability to transfer available Telerik points.
  9. MVP SWAG packages sent twice a year with all kinds of goodies.

My MVP Profile has been available in Telerik's site. You will be able to find out more there. Also, if you want to know who else are in this group, visit the "Telerik MVP Awardees" page for more information.


Finally, thanks to you all once again. My sincere thanks to the Telerik team for awarding me this.

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