Silverlight 5 Release Candidate is now Available - Download Silverlight 5 RC

Silverlight 5 Release Candidate is now available from Microsoft. They just released the RC build to public. You will be able to download it freely from Microsoft Download Center.


In this post, I am going to share the link of the Silverlight 5 RC Tools for Visual Studio 2010. Download it and start building your application. Make sure that, it's not in "Go-Live" license, so you can't deploy the Silverlight applications build with this release to production. This build is just for the developers to give the developers a chance to test their applications before they release the final version.


Download Silverlight 5 Release Candidate

Silverlight delivers the richest set of capabilities available to developers today through a Web‐browser plug‐in. Announced last December and shipping later this year, Silverlight 5 makes further advances in media, application development and user experience, adding over 40 new features. The Silverlight 5 RC provides developers their first opportunity to start exploring these new capabilities.


You can download the Silverlight 5 RC bits from the below links:


Make sure that, you removed the previous Beta version of Silverlight 5 completely before going to install this version.


What's new in Silverlight 5? Read the Technical Features Documents for details. Also read out Pete Brown's Blog to know about the exciting features those are part of this build.


Silverlight 5 Tutorial

New to Silverlight 5? Read out some Tutorial series available in the following locations:

Stay tuned to my Blog to find out some new articles on Silverlight 5 RC bits.

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  1. I have installed Silverlight 5 RC and am unable to get the Windows MCE Remote to do anything new with Netflix streaming video in full screen mode or not. A few things work but they already worked on the old Silverlight version. "Should" SL5 work with an MCE Remote for Netflix? The movies play fine...


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