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Telerik TeamPulse - A Project Management Solution from TelerikTeamPulse is a project management solution from Telerik based on Agile best practices. You can manage your team project using this Silverlight based tool to actively collaborate between team members, track progress of project.


It is a web based Silverlight application, where you can track your project status and other information. In this post, I will share you details about this project management solution, link to download the installer and other stuffs. If you want to explore it, download the installer and setup the solution now.


Installation Requirements

Before installing TeamPulse, make sure that, you read the below requirements:

    1. It supports Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7
    2. IIS 7+ is require with ASP.Net, IIS Management Console/Service, Windows Authentication, Static Content and HTTP Redirection. If any of them are not present in your system, the installer will take care to install proper dependent modules
    3. By default, the setup program will install the application in 9897 and 9898 ports. Make sure that, your Firewall is not blocking the said ports
    4. It requires Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0 RTM version 4.0.30319 (Min)
    5. It requires Silverlight 4 runtime (at least Silverlight 4 RC)
    6. Access to SQL Server 2008 or SQL Server 2008 Express
    7. Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010, Team Explorer 2010 to enable the TFS synchronization

Once you read the above requirements and setup the proper environment to install TeamPulse, you can proceed with the download steps.


Download TeamPulse

First of all, you need to download the TeamPulse and install it before going to explore it more. Download and install the TeamPulse in one of your machine from the below link:

Chose the proper version of TeamPulse before downloading the installer. The community edition is Free, but you can create only one project and the project can be accessible by 5 users Max. Remember that, apart from the said restrictions there are some features which will not be available in Community Edition.


Tomorrow we will discuss on Project creation part in Telerik TeamPulse solution.

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