“Betty Wallpapers” is a small Windows Phone 7 application developed by my friend Jebarson Jebamony (aka. Jeba), Microsoft India. Using this application, you can search and download wallpapers and images from the web. It allows to search images with any key. It also has a settings panel, where you can configure various options related to your search parameter.


The installer of this application is less than 1MB in size and supports Windows Phone 7.5 or higher. You can install the Trial version (which has few settings OFF by default) and if you like it, purchase it from the Marketplace to support the development.


Get the Application from Marketplace

If you want to try out the application, you can get the Trial version from the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace. Free version will not allow you to turn off adult filter for the cause to prevent minors from accessing adult images. If you like it, you can purchase the full version for just Rs. 55.00 (INR).


Click here to download the Trial Application     Buy the Application for just Rs. 55.00 (INR)



When you launch the “Betty Wallpapers” application, it will navigate to the main page where you will see a search TextBox as shown below. You can type your search key term and press enter to find out specific image search on the net.


Screenshot1     Screenshot2a


This will fetch out some images based on the searched keyword and display them as Thumbnails as shown in the below screenshot. Once you tap an item in the panel, it will open the image in full screen display mode.


Screenshot3     Screenshot4


From the full screen display page, you will be able to download the image in your Windows Phone 7 photo gallery by tapping the “Save” button.


There is a handy settings page available in the application. Tap the settings icon present at the bottom of the screen (as shown below). It will open up the settings page, where you will be able to filter out your search by providing various search parameters like Size, Aspect, Color and Style.


Screenshot2     Screenshot5


Free version will not allow you to turn off adult filter for the cause to prevent minors accessing adult images from the search result. That’s a great settings available in the application.


Don’t forget to download and try the application (as this is Free Trial app). Vote for the app and share your review about it here.

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