Wish you a Happy New Year 2012 filled with all the joy and happiness in the world

My friends, sincerely, I will never stop wishing that your journey through this world will be touched by kindness, inspired by wisdom, graced with understanding, and kept safe from all harm.


Wishing you not just happiness but pure joy, not just wealth but Heaven's treasures, not just silence but God's peace. May this new year bring you all the blessings every day in your life. Wish you and your family a Happy and Prosperous New Year.


At the end of the year…
Thanks to those who hated me, because they made me a stronger person.
Thanks to those who loved me, because they made my heart bigger.
Thanks to those who were worried about me, because they let me know that they cared about me.
Thanks to those who left me, because they made me realize that nothing lasts forever.
Thanks to those who entered my life and never left, because they made me know who I am.
And my special thanks to all my friends, who supported me throughout the year 2011.


A small video greetings just for you…




We all know that a new year brings a new challenge, a new goal, a new optimism, a new approach, a new mission and a new resolution. My resolution of the year is to improve my Technical skills, learn something new and share my knowledge towards the developer community. What’s yours?

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