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Here comes the weekly Silverlight-Zone digest for the week 15th January 2012 to 21st January 2012. This week major posts were on Silverlight and Windows Phone 7.

Popular posts were from Christine L., who showcased "Water ScrollViewer", a must read if you didn't yet read; followed by Steve Adey, Stephan Wick, @dotMorten and @mbcrump. Read the complete post to find out the popular 5's and links towards the daily news digest, if you missed any one issue, you can get it here.

Popular 5 Posts of the Week

Here comes the popular 5 posts of the week at This time top viewed post was from Christine L. who demonstrated the Water ScrollViewer control in Silverlight. A must watch post from him.

Daily New Digest

Did you miss any post last week? Ok, not an issue. Here comes the daily digest links just for you:
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