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Few days ago, I started with the Windows Phone 7 tips and published a post on “How to Pin an Application to the Start Screen?” where we demonstrated how to pin an application for easy access.


Today in this post, we will learn how to unpin the pinned application from Windows Phone 7 start screen. So, read on to learn it. Again, this is a beginner level tips & tricks to start with Windows Phone 7 device.


How to Unpin an Application from the Start Screen?

Once your WP7 Start screen has one or more application pinned, you will be able to unpin those apps from there. If you don’t have any applications pinned in the Start Screen, it will directly navigate you to the application list. If you want to pin an application, read this post: How to Pin an Application to the Start Screen?


First of all, come to the start screen of the device (assuming that you have at least one application pinned there). You will see as below. Tab and hold the application for a few seconds.


Application pinned to the Windows Phone 7 Start Page


This will bring up one “Pin” icon at the top right corner of that application. This is where you will be able to unpin the application. Click the “Pin” icon to continue.


Unpin icon in the WP7 Start Page for the Application


This will remove the application from the start screen. If you have only one application, it will navigate you to the application list. Else, it will stay in the same page where you will be able to do other operations to another application.


In our case, as we have only one application it will navigate us to the Application list as shown below:


Windows Phone 7 Application List


Follow the same steps for all the applications that you want to unpin from the Start Screen. This is a manual process and you have to do for each applications.


Hope this small tip note was useful for you to understand the unpinning process of applications from the Start Screen of the Windows Phone 7 device. Stay tuned for few more Windows Phone 7 tips which are going to come up in my blog. Thanks for your visit.


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