Rewarded as Codeproject MVP 2012

Yippee!!! That’s a very good mail came up in my inbox late night which I read just now in the morning. Yes, I have been re-awarded as Codepr... - Article authored by Kunal Chowdhury on .

Yippee!!! That’s a very good mail came up in my inbox late night which I read just now in the morning. Yes, I have been re-awarded as Codeproject MVP 2012 for my contribution towards the Codeproject portal. This is the 2nd continuous year when I received this award.


My sincere thanks to all my friends, GIT members of Codeproject for their continuous support through out the year. Also my sincere thanks to my parents. Without those it was very tough to achieve.


Here is the short mail that I received in my mail box:


Hi Kunal Chowdhury,


In recognition of your outstanding contributions to the community, either through Quick Answers, the forums or through articles and tips, you have been awarded CodeProject MVP status for 2012.

Your MVP status will be recognized through the MVP icon you will have next to your forum postings as well as a notice in your member profile. Also, as formal recognition of your award status we will be sending out certificates to all our MVPs.

Again, Thank you for all the help you have provided to the community.

Chris Maunder
The Code Project


Codeproject MVPs are awarded for their time, their expertise, their articles and code and most of all their help to the development community. Each year they choose the top 40 members who, through articles, tips, and answers in the forums and Quick Answers show dedication and support beyond the level of mere mortals. Congratulation to all the new and renewed MVPs of Codeproject listed here:


Christian Graus

John Simmons / outlaw programmer

Mark Nischalke

Nishant Sivakumar

Espen Harlinn

Mehdi Gholam

Pete O'Hanlon

Dave Kreskowiak

Thierry Parent

Sacha Barber

Luc Pattyn

Richard MacCutchan

Jani Giannoudis

Pavel Torgashov

Jovan Popovic


Sandeep Mewara


Wayne Ye

Nick Polyak


Marcelo Ricardo de Oliveira

Manfred R. Bihy

Mika Wendelius

Dave Kerr

Prerak Patel

Abhinav S

Dr. Song Li

Colin Eberhardt

Ciumac Sergiu

Paulo Zemek


_ Kunal Chowdhury _


Halil ibrahim Kalkan

Meshack Musundi

Kanasz Robert

Shai Raiten


Bojan Banko


Once again thanks to all my friends, well wishers, codeproject members, my family, Chris Maunder and all named/unnamed people who helped me directly/indirectly to achieve this award.


Here comes my previous year Codeproject MVP post and the Certificate.

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