“Emergency Dialer” - A Free Contact Dialler app for Windows Phone

Here comes the 6th Windows Phone application from me named “Emergency Dialer”. This application is freely available in the Marketplace and I hope, this will be helpful for you and your parents for sure.


I am dedicating this phone app to all the senior citizens who need to contact their doctor, nurse or family members in emergency. Sharing herewith few snaps and downloadable link.


"Emergency Dialer" is a Windows Phone application dedicated to all the windows phone users especially the Senior Citizens. The default contact dialler is complex in Windows Phone and hence this application was designed to give easy access to 5 important contacts on emergency.


If your parents and/or any senior citizens are using Windows Phone, you must install this application to help them in emergency. Many icons like "Doctor", "Nurse", "Police", "Ambulance", "Fire", "Man", "Woman" etc. have been included in this package to visually distinguish the contacts.


This application will not only help senior citizens but also help anyone using Windows Phone during an emergency. So, don't waste your time. Download it for Free and share your feedback. Ratings in Marketplace are always welcome.



Here are few screenshots of the application to familiar you with “Emergency Dialer”:



I hope that, you will like this application and will be useful for your old-aged parents in any emergency. Stay connected with me on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ for updates on latest technical news, articles and tips. Subscribe to my RSS Feed and email Newsletter for immediate update directly to your inbox. Cheers.