“Quotes of Vivekananda” - A Free motivational Quote app for Windows

Recently I had shown few of my Windows Phone application to few people and connected with one “Mahatma” (Guru) and inspired by him I built a “Quotes of Vivekananda” application for the sake of Swami Vivekananda lovers.


I am dedicating this application to all the followers of Vivekananda who need the bless and inspiration from his great quotes.


This application is designed to deliver Swami Vivekananda Quotes to you from a huge Database. If you are looking to inspire yourself daily by reading his valuable quotes, this app will really help you.


What else? If you want to share these quotes to your friends and/or relatives to inspire them daily, this will be the perfect Windows Phone app you are looking for. Share Quotes from a random collection to Twitter, Facebook, Windows Live, LinkedIn and inspire your friends and relatives. Also share these quotes via SMS or email.



Here are few screenshots of the application to familiar you with “Quotes of Vivekananda”:


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I hope that, you will like this application and will be useful for your old-aged parents in any emergency. Stay connected with me on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ for updates on latest technical news, articles and tips. Subscribe to my RSS Feed and email Newsletter for immediate update directly to your inbox. Cheers.

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