Windows Phone 8 is already in the market and people having the Windows Phone 7 device is waiting for the WP7.8 update to test few features that is already available in the WP8 devices because the WP7 devices can not be upgraded with the WP8 operating system.


WMPoweruser reported some new features which we will get in WP7.8 update from a Nokia Customer Feedback page, but it is still not officially confirmed yet.


The key features which will come in the new Windows Phone 7.8 update are from both Microsoft and Nokia separately. The key features includes:


  • From Microsoft
    1. New start screen experience with more room for your Live Tiles which will be resizable.
    2. Set the Bing image of the day as the Lock Screen wallpaper of your device
    3. Pocket and child Lock screen Security.
    4. 20 new accent theme colours.

  • From Nokia
    1. Bluetooth Share (for DRM free media files).
    2. Cinemagraph add-on to create blend and photo and movie-like animation, creating photos that are alive.
    3. New camera lenses to remove unwanted objects in your photos such as passers-by or people on the edge of the shot the spoil the photo.
    4. Updated Contacts Transfer application.
    5. Updates Contact Share application.
    6. Ringtone Maker application.


If those key features are confirmed features list, then this update will definitely hit the market for people having Windows Phone 7 device and test out few features those are already available in WP8 devices. If you are looking for updating your WP7 devices with WP8 OS, the answer is simply “NO”. For details on this, check out this post: Can we Upgrade our WP7 Device to Support WP8?


Nokia customer feedback survey



I am very excited to install this update in my WP7 device to test out at least the Start Screen of WP8 device. Reportedly this will be available in the first quarter of next year (2013). I hope, it will be as early as possible and should not delay till late of the quarter.


Reference: Nokia customer feedback survey reveals Windows Phone 7.8 feature set

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