Nokia officially rolls out WP7.8 for it’s entire range of Lumia handsets

Nokia rolls out the Windows Phone 7.8 update globally to it’s entire set of Windows Phone 7 devices which already have WP7.5 installed. It comes it some new features already available in Windows Phone 8 devices.


Among all the features, the most awaited feature that a WP7.5 user want to see in their screen is the all new Start Screen with those small, medium and large icons.


Yesterday Nokia officially rolled out the Windows Phone 7.8 to it’s entire series of WP7.5 devices. It will be now pushed to Lumia 510, 610, 710, 800 and 900 devices by a message to encourage the user to install this update. To begin with, connect your Lumia phone device to a PC having Zune software installed. Once you launch the Zune software, you will be able to see the update.


If you are unable to see the update, check it out once again by clicking the “Settings” -> “Update” link in the Zune software. If you still unable to get the updates, just wait for few more days as the update is not yet rolled out for your country by Microsoft and you will see it soon.


If you can not wait for the update, there is a cool hack to bypass the Microsoft server and get the update directly from the Nokia server. To do this, just follow the below mentioned steps:

    • Connect the device with Zune and click the “Update” link. This will start looking for the updates.
    • After 5-8 secs, just disconnect your PC from the internet and wait till the time it shows you a confirmation that an update is available.
    • Once the update version availability pops up in the screen, reconnect your PC with the internet and click “Update” to get the cumulative update.


This update will come with 3 cumulative software versions as stated below. The first update that you will see is the OS version 7.10.8779.8:


Update 1 (7.10.8779.8)


Once, it has been installed to your Windows Phone 7 device, you will see another update with the OS version 7.10.8783.12:


Update 2 (7.10.8783.12)


The 3rd update with OS version 7.10.8858.136 will popup in the screen just after installing the 2nd package. This is the actual OS version for WP7.8 having the following features set as shown in the below screenshot:


Update 3 (7.10.8858.136)


Now after reboot, you will see a complete set of functionalities pushed in your device through the Windows Phone 7.8 OS update. The start screen will come with a large icons than the one that you had in your existing version. Now you just have to resize it as per your choice. Go, get the new update and feel the new experience of Windows Phone 8 in your Windows Phone 7 device. Cheers.

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  1. Got first 2 update by trick unable to get 3rd for HTC hd7

  2. Glad to know that you received the first two updates. Try out, you will definitely get the final one.

  3. got the first update. second one stuck on step 6 for 50 mins. will leave it for 2 hours in total then will cancel.

  4. Ahh! Didn't face something like this yet. Best if luck Josh. I hope, you will be able to update it without any issues. If it stucks for more time, probably try to restart the process. BTW, the second update takes lesser time.

  5. Hi, I can't even get the 1st update, it always stuck at step 6, already 2 hrs. What I can do??

  6. i am updating with the first update. but it seems like it got stuck in the middle of it!

  7. 1st update over, waiting for the next one ,, yipeee :)

  8. Hi Kunal, Nice post.. coz first i got the update notice for 8779.8 .. i was abt to leave not knowing the fact that it is the precursor for WP7.8... i got to know that only through yur post..

    BTW my update process was five stage not 3 stage... lumia 800..

  9. how can i install Java Games or any other apps in HTC HD7.. they all seem not to work.. Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Mayamiko, Windows Phone (7/8) does not support Java games and hence you will not be able to install them in your device if it is a Windows Phone device.

      You can download free and paid games from the Microsoft Windows Phone Marketplace directly using your WP device.

  10. I am getting an error 80180048, please help me


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