LightSwitch Succinctly - Free eBook by Jan Van

"LightSwitch Succinctly" is a Free eBook from Jan Van, an author of MSDN magazine where he described a brief about the tool to help you understand the different parts of the LightSwitch development environment for you to judge it before use. - Article authored by Kunal Chowdhury on .

Few days ago while searching for a LightSwitch eBook for one of my friend, I found “LightSwitch Succinctly” authored by Jan Van where he describes about this tool’s uses and the need of it for your application development.


It’s a very good eBook for absolute beginner and available for free. I hope, this will really help you if you are judging to use LightSwitch in any one of your application.


Before going forward let me tell you that, Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch is a flexible business application development tool that aides developers of all skill levels to quickly create and deploy desktop and web business applications. Using this tool, you can develop data centric Silverlight applications very quickly.


Jan Van der Haegen, who is a regular author in MSDN magazine, published an eBook named “LightSwitch Succinctly” targeting the novice and management with a quick tour of different parts of the LightSwitch development environment. This will help you not only to know about it but to judge whether Visual Studio LightSwitch would be an ideal tool for you.


The table of contents of this book defines the following important sections for you to get an idea on this tool:

      1. Where Do I Get Visual Studio LightSwitch 2012?
      2. Hello World
      3. The Entity Designer
      4. The Query Editor
      5. The Screen Editor
      6. Application Editor
      7. Moving On

After going thru the whole book, I noticed that the book covers a little old version (RC) but the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th chapters are too good for a reader who is confused about the use of LightSwitch and just thinking whether this would be good for them in their business requirements. The book is completely free for you and you can download it from the below link:  “LightSwitch Succinctly”.


Go ahead and read this book. I am sure, this book will remove the fog from your eyes if you are deciding whether you need it or not.



Additional Resources

You can find additional resources on LightSwitch in various community sites. Furnishing the links of them here for you in order to jump start with this:


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