Last month as part of the 5th anniversary celebration of my blog (, we organized a big contest where we had lots of licenses and subscriptions valued $50,000 above to give away. Thanks to all the Sponsors who came up to celebrate with us.


Now the time came to announce the winners of the contest. Are you excited to know who are the winners? You might be one of them too. Let’s check out the list.


As part of the giveaway contest, we grabbed more than 4000 entries and among them, we filtered top 50 participants based on the points they collected during the period. From that, we selected 25 winners randomly in different categories they are working and/or interested. Thanks to everyone who participated and congratulations to all the winners.




Here is the list of winners in different categories. If you are one of the winners, please confirm your acceptance by sending a mail to “webmaster [AT] kunal-chowdhury [DOT] com” within 7 days of this announcement, failing which the prize might be given to the next winner in the queue. The license/subscription key will be mailed to your given email address within 15 days of your mail confirmation.


Category Winners
Telerik DevCraft Complete  Diptimaya Patra (ISSUED)
Dirk Strauss (ISSUED)
Atul Koshta (ISSUED)
Trent McMurray (ISSUED)
Otsile Earl Kole (ISSUED)
Nokia Premium Developer token  *Supreet Tare, Prasad Honrao (ISSUED)
Saurabh Sharma (ISSUED)
Infragistics NetAdvantage for Silverlight  Tony Stokes (ISSUED)
Syncfusion Essential Studio Platform  Surendra Pal (PROCESSING - ASP.NET MVC)
Ram Prasath (VOID - NO RESPONSE)
Vivek Vishwakarma (PROCESSING - WP)
Infragistics NetAdvantage for IgniteUI  Gyanender Sharma (ISSUED)
DotNetBar for WinForms  Muhammad (PROCESSING)
Md Shiefuzzaman (PROCESSING)
DotNetBar for WPF  Luiz Adilson S Bon (PROCESSING)
Chaitanya Venneti (VOID - NO RESPONSE)
DotNetBar for Silverlight  Mohit Parihar (PROCESSING)
Neetu Tanwar (PROCESSING)
Infragistics NetAdvantage for WP  Pallab Gupta (ISSUED)
Pluralsight monthly subscription  Gaurav Chouhan (ISSUED)
Tiziano Cacioppolini (ISSUED)
Vinoth Kumar J (ISSUED)
Mohib Sheth (ISSUED)


*Supreet Tare already has a license and hence he asked to give it to someone else who needs it. Thank you Supreet.



Those who won license of “Syncfusion Essential Studio Platform”, you are requested to send me a mail to the above mentioned address mentioning one of the following platforms for which you want the license: ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, Mobile MVC, Silverlight, Windows Forms, Windows Phone, WPF, WinRT XAML.



(Don’t forget to send me a mail accepting the prizes within 7 days from the announcement of this list, failing which, a new winner might be chosen from the runners list.)



Details about the contest, rules and list of prizes are available here:


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