Microsoft: #WP8 users can upgrade to #WindowsPhone 8.1

Good news to all Windows Phone 8 users. Greg Sullivan, the director of Windows Phone public relation, confirmed in an interview that all Windows Phone 8 users can upgrade their device OS to Windows Phone 8.1 (which is most likely going to release this spring, as per different source).


It’s not yet confirmed what are the new things coming with WP8.1, but  surely there will be something new for the consumers.


Recently we also heard that, Microsoft is going to release it’s first update for Windows 8.1 (named Update 1) and this will be definitely a great addition with it. Greg in an interview clearly mentioned “we will not have the same experience as we had when Windows Phone 7 was upgraded to Windows Phone 8”. All WP8 users will be able to upgrade when they release it.


According to few sources online, Nokia also hinted out that, all the Lumia 20 series (Lumia 520 – Lumia 1020) will get the Windows Phone 8.1 soon.


If this 8.1 comes up into the market, will surely bring something new enhancement for the devices. We are still awaiting for the set of features going to introduce in this update. I am really excited to know more about this release. Are you?


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