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Another good news for the Nokia Lumia (Windows Phone 8) users. From today, Nokia started rolling out Lumia Black update to it’s entire set of Windows Phone 8 devices, a big update after Amber. This update consists of new features and apps for you.


You will get this update notification within a few days, based on your residing country, carrier and device. To know more about this update, continue reading.


Nokia Lumia Black is a set of new features, improvements, new & enhanced apps, fixes from Microsoft and Nokia to give you a better experience in your Windows Phone 8 device.


The best of this update is the new app named “App Folder” by which you will be able to create a group of apps and set it as a Tile in your Start Screen. Tapping the tile will launch the app with the grouped applications in a list. Nokia Glance screen 2.0 will help you keep important notification in the glance screen of your Windows Phone 8 device. You can now ping notifications of phone calls, messages, emails, calendar, twitter, Facebook or games in the screen.



Nokia Refocus and Nokia Beamer updates are also part of this Lumia Black. Another app called “Nokia Storyteller” will now be available to entire set of Lumia devices. Earlier it was only available to Lumia 1520 and Lumia 2520. Using this app you will be able to create a story of your photos arranged by date and places.


Nokia Camera app which is a combination of Nokia Pro camera and Smart Camera will now be available for all Lumia smartphones irrespective of only Nokia Pure View devices. This updated app will now bring RAW DNG image support in your Lumia phone by which you will be able to get the pure and untouched RAW images.


There are some more features and enhancements from both Microsoft and Nokia that are coming with this Lumia update like Bluetooth LE, enhanced image processing algorithm (especially in Lumia 1020).


How can I get this update?

This is the most common question that may arise now. How to get the Lumia Black update? If you have Lumia Windows Phone 8 device, you will get this update notification soon in your device. Currently it started rolling out to Lumia series 1020 and 925. The other devices will soon get the notification.


For more information about this update and to check the status of availability in your country and device, check out this page:

Software Update for Nokia Lumia with Windows Phone 8”.


Before the Lumia Black rolls out in your device, you can check out the “App Folder” and categories your favorite applications in the start screen. Don’t forget to share the new screen with us. I will soon share a post on App Folder, but till that time enjoy using it.

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