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Sometime for some security reason, developer might want to restrict his/her Windows Phone application to be deployed in SD cards. There might be different reasons too. So, how can you prevent your user to deploy the app in the SD card of their device?


Let’s discuss the No-Code way to prevent this deployment. Remember that, it is only applicable for Windows Phone 8.0 or higher apps.


For any reason, if you want to prevent the user deploying your app in SD card instead of the Windows Phone device storage, you can do so in your Windows Phone 8.x projects. As shown below, just open the WMAppManifest.xml file and navigate to the “Packaging” tab. There you will find a checkbox labelled “Prevent deployment to SD cards”. Just check this box to disable deployment of that app in SD card. In case you want to re-enable it, just uncheck this.



How to prevent deployment of Windows Phone 8.x apps to SD cards? (


That’s it. Now just build the app and upload it to the Windows Phone Store. Once certified and published, the user of this app will not be able to install it in the SD card.


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