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Those who have already installed the Windows 10 Technical Preview might noticed that the Start Screen is no more there by default. Rather, Microsoft placed the old Start menu with additional features like adding Live Tiles into it.


In this Tips & Tricks post about Windows 10, we will discuss how to switch between Start menu and Start screen. If you love the Windows 8 like Start screen, you will be able to bring it back.




In Windows 8, Microsoft removed the Start button as well as Start menu from Windows and introduced a Start screen to the users. Start screen allows you the similar functionality of Start menu but in a full screen mode which is amazingly beautiful in touch based system. Later in Windows 8.1, Start button was back due to heavy demand by the users over the world. In Windows 10, Microsoft brought back the Start menu with additional features to pin live tiles into it.


It was quite difficult for the users to use Start screen who were habituated with Start menu. But if you used the Start screen for a longer time, you will definitely love it. As in Windows 10 (Threshold) Technical Preview the Start menu is set by default, you may want to bring back the old start screen and use it.


Microsoft provided the option to switch between Start menu and Start screen. But to apply the settings, Windows will ask you to sign-out from the system and login again. Let’s see how to change the options and switch between them.


How to switch between Start Menu and Start Screen?

To switch between the above two options, right click on the Taskbar and click the context menu item that says “Properties”. This will open the “Taskbar and Start Menu Properties” in the screen. Navigate to the 3rd tab titled “Start Menu” where you will be able to toggle between them.


Find the first checkbox that says “Use the Start menu instead of the Start screen”. By default it is checked. When checked, it will show you the Start menu when you click the start button or press the Win key in your keyboard. To bring back the Start screen, uncheck the checkbox and hit apply. This will show you another dialog box titled “Change Start settings” (as shown in the below screenshot). You must have to click the button “Sign out and change settings” to sing-out and apply the settings to your account.


Windows 10 - Use the Start menu instead of the Start screen (          Windows 10 - Use the Start screen instead of the Start menu (


If you want to bring back the Start menu again, just follow the same steps mentioned above and check the box that says “Use the Start menu instead of the Start screen”. Sign out to apply the settings. You will now see the start menu once again.


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