How to show/hide Task View and Search icons in Windows 10?

If you are a Windows Insider and already in the Fast update channel, you might have already got the new update for Windows 10 Technical Prev... - Article authored by Kunal Chowdhury on .

If you are a Windows Insider and already in the Fast update channel, you might have already got the new update for Windows 10 Technical Preview build version: 9879. In this release, Microsoft had provided options to show/hide the Task View and Search icons present in the Task Bar.


If you feel them annoyed in your Task Bar eating more icons space, you can now easily hide them from your Task bar. Let’s see how to do that. Continue reading to know about it.


With other new features and Start Menu, Microsoft added two new icons in the Task bar of Windows 10, named Task View and Search. Task View icon provides you access to switch between tasks and multiple desktops. I already blogged about it which you can read here: How to Use Virtual Desktops in #Windows 10? As the name says, “Search” icon provides you an easy access to Bing search on desktop.


If you are not using these icons and feel them annoying by eating more icon space, you can now turn them OFF and when require you can bring them back again.


To hide the icons from the Task bar, right click on any blank space of the Task bar. A context menu will popup in the screen. We are already familiar with that since the birth of Windows. But if you notice, there are two new context menu items there labelled “Show Task View button” and “Show Search button”. By default, they are all checked; means they are all visible. To hide them one-by-one, uncheck the context menu as demonstrated below:


Windows 10 - Task View and Search button in Task Bar


At later point of time, if you want to bring them back, just follow the same steps mentioned/demonstrated above and check those two new items. You will see those two icons again on your task bar.


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