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Last week it was a busy schedule and I hope, all of you watched the //BUILD/2015 event either in-person, live streaming or by visiting the CH9 site. There are couple of announcements made during the event and I am composing today’s post based on that.


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Microsoft just showed a live demo of its crazy holographic computer

At its annual Build developer conference, Microsoft gave us a closer look at how its new HoloLens headset will work with Windows apps. Microsoft told us about HoloLens months ago, but it only showed a demo video and some slides. Now, at Build, Microsoft showed us what we'll actually see when we're wearing the HoloLens. It's basically a closer look at HoloLens and what it will be like to use it. (read more…)


HoloLens will get games from one of the world's best game engines

HoloLens has the potential to become an amazing platform for gaming, and Microsoft is announcing a key partnership today to help that happen. It's working with Unity Technologies to bring HoloLens support to the Unity game engine. That means that developers will be able to work with a capable and popular engine while creating games for the upcoming augmented-reality headset. Unity sells itself as more than a game engine — and certainly, it can be used for more — but it's best known as the engine that sits behind popular titles like Hearthstone, Deus Ex: The Fall, and Hitman Go. (read more…)


Welcoming Developers to Windows 10

With the Universal Windows Platform, developers can now create a single application for the full range of Windows 10 devices. The platform’s UX controls automatically adapt to different screen sizes, and the developer can then tailor applications to unique capabilities of each device. The platform enables developers to integrate Cortana and Xbox Live into their applications, offer trusted commerce, embrace natural user input, create holograms, and more.





The Universal Windows Platform enables Continuum. Previously, we’ve demonstrated how Universal Windows apps and the Windows shell transition seamlessly between tablet and PC modes. Today, we showed how Universal Windows apps and Continuum for phones enables a screen to become like a PC. (read more…)


Expanding the Universal Windows Platform at Build 2015

Last year, the Windows platform expanded customer reach across phones, tablets, and PCs. We did this by expanding the Windows 8 runtime to Windows Phone 8.1. For the first time, developers could build universal Windows apps using a unified app model and unified tooling chain that enabled apps to use one shared set of business logic.


Windows 10 (and the apps that run on it) will expand support from phone, tablet, and PC to a number of new device families – including the HoloLens, Xbox One, and IoT devices like the Raspberry Pi 2. With Windows 10, your app – with a single codebase and an adaptable UI – can be as mobile as your users, and reach them on every Windows 10 device. And the Windows Store makes it easy to publish, promote, and monetize your apps and games to capitalize on the global Windows 10 audience of consumer and business customers. (read more…)


Introducing Visual Studio Code for Windows, Mac, and Linux

What a wonderful time to be developer. I'm down here at the BUILD Conference in San Francisco and Microsoft has just launched Visual Studio Code - a code-optimized editor for Windows, Mac, and Linux and a new member of the Visual Studio Family. Visual Studio Code (I call it VSCode, myself) is a new free developer tool. It's a code editor, but a very smart one. It's cross-platform, built with TypeScript and Electron, and runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux. (read more…)


Visual Studio 2013 Update 5 RC, 2015 RC and Windows 10 developer tools

Microsoft released Visual Studio 2015 RC build along with Windows 10 development tools (SDK) for developers to build apps targeting Universal App Platform (UAP). If you are a developer, download the latest bits and start exploring the new features before it finally releases. This post will cover the links to download the latest build of Visual Studio 2015 RC, Windows 10 developer tools and ISO image of the latest Windows 10 Technical Preview. (read more…)



Microsoft’s Project Oxford Gives Developers Access To Facial, Image And Speech-Recognition APIs

Microsoft quietly launched a set of new machine-learning APIs in beta under the “Project Oxford” moniker yesterday and today it’s demo for this service went viral. This site lets you upload photos of faces and then it automatically figures out how old the person in that photo is. It’s a cool demo — and works reasonably well (though as expected it makes its fair number of mistakes). It’s best to take its results with a grain of salt, but while Microsoft’s demo is interesting, the use case for this is probably more along the lines of trying to figure out whether an images features a child or adult, for example. (read more…)


Guidelines for Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps

A Universal Windows app is a Windows experience that is built upon the Universal Windows Platform (UWP), which was first introduced in Windows 8 as the Windows Runtime. Universal Windows apps are most often distributed via the Windows Store (but can also be side-loaded), and are most often packaged and distributed using the .APPX packaging format. Use this index of guidelines to help you design a great Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app. (read more…)


Office Graph - the intelligent fabric to Office 365 data

The Office Graph represents a collection of content and activity, and the relationships between them that happen across the entire Office suite. From email, social conversations, and meetings, to documents in SharePoint and OneDrive, the Office Graph maps the relationships among people and information, and acts as the foundation for Office experiences that are more relevant and personalized to each individual. The Office Graph uses sophisticated machine learning techniques to connect people to the relevant content, conversations and people around them. (read more…)



Why we made vorlon.js and how to use it to debug your JavaScript remotely

Today at //BUILD/ 2015 we announced vorlon.js – an open source, extensible, platform-agnostic tool for remotely debugging and testing your JavaScript. I had the opportunity to create vorlon.JS with the help of some talented engineers and tech evangelists at Microsoft. (The same guys that brought you


Vorlon.js is powered by node.JS,, and late-night coffee. I would like to share with you why we made it, how to incorporate it into your own testing workflow, and also share some more details into the art of building a JS library like it. (read more…)


"Project Astoria": Build great Windows apps with your Android™ app code

"Project Astoria" lets you build great Windows apps, while reusing your Android app code and tools. Apps built with this technology leverage key Windows interactions, and deliver the kind of experience Windows users expect. To make changes or debug your app, you can use your current IDE. We support IntelliJ, Android Studio, and Eclipse, and in addition to Windows development machines, you can use your Mac. (read more…)



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In case you missed the last week’s post, here it is for you: Microsoft Tuesday - Interesting Links - #10. Thanks to Microsoft India for their support in building this Microsoft Tuesday channel in my blog.

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