These #WindowsPhone 8 Apps will Transform your Phone!

While there is a massive tug of war between Android and iOS, Windows is slowly moving up by bringing out it’s game. Windows is already the s... - Article authored by Kunal Chowdhury on .

While there is a massive tug of war between Android and iOS, Windows is slowly moving up by bringing out it’s game. Windows is already the software of choice when it comes to powering laptops, desktop, netbooks and tablets and is now hoping to get the same affection in the mobile world as well.

With a host of apps under Windows Phone 8, your phone can be transformed to perform great tasks to save time and effort and get you everything you require at the tips of your fingers.



The Windows devices are neat, easy to use with Live Tiles, to make navigation easier which is slowly gaining Windows Phone 8 popularity in the market again.


If you own a Windows Phone 8, you must have these apps to make the best use of your phone:



For sports lovers this is a great app that allows you to get updates about their favourite teams, and get to know latest news, scores and even watch videos and read articles about players and various athletes. What makes this app tempting is the fact that it allows you to make Live Tiles on the home screen to treat them like widgets and get breaking news and live updates about the games. This app is now open to all windows phones and should definitely be added to get all the latest sports gossip.


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This is Microsoft’s offering as opposed to Google Translate and this Bing Translator is easy and efficient and helps you make easy translations on the phone even when you’re on the go. It supports over 40 different languages and also helps with camera assisted translations to allow you to capture pictures of the text so you never have to look lost in the restaurant as to what is the menu being served or what is a particular sign trying to tell you. If you download the language pack, you can also use the app offline, so you never have to worry about losing out on internet connectivity.


Xbox Smart Glass

Xbox Smart Glass is for the gaming buffs and Microsoft provides them a way to get seamless and non-stop gaming across various devices. Through Xbox Smart Glass you can convert your mobile into a second screen and also a remote control, so that, your phone lets you play gaming marathons without having to hit pause. You can navigate Xbox One and 360 from your mobile screens and also play videos and browse content from your favourite games.



This is a great offering for those who cannot breathe without a good book and need to read a few pages as part of their night time ritual. With the Kindle App you can browse through a wide range of books from different genres and it also makes it easy to buy books of your choice. You never miss out on a bestseller release again and can even flip through free ebooks which feature timeless classics. The good part is, it bookmarks the page you left at and now you can easily return to your book. Syncing lets you sync books from Amazon Kindle to your Windows Phone, so you never leave home without your favourite book.


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Spotify is for the music lovers who cannot do a single task without listening to music. Be it taking a shower, walking, driving, this app meets the needs of every music buff by letting you stream tracks from millions of songs and thousands of albums. Through its social features, users can also find out what others are listening to and you can now sync songs to update songs between your desktop and mobile effortlessly.


Windows software needs no introduction as it already has a niche in the laptop department and now with amazing Windows Phone 8 devices, you can do a lot more with your smartphones to truly change your lives by streamlining it and making it effortless!



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