Microsoft now stepped one step forward to push Windows 10 to a major set of devices who are still using Windows 7 or Windows 8.x by marking the OS as “Recommended Update”. It’s still your decision whether to opt-in or opt-out. If you opt-in, you will of course get it as free.


It is still a right time to upgrade to Windows 10, but not mandatory. To know more about it and the upgrade process, continue reading this post.


Microsoft started pushing Windows 10 as Recommended Update (


When Microsoft first released Windows 10, they asked people to reserve their free upgrade to the new operating system from Windows 7, Windows 8.x. People from different corner of the world opt for reserving this free upgrade and already upgraded. Later the giant company gone one step further and placed it as “Optional Update” via Windows Update Service. Now they moved it to “Recommended Update”.


Please note that, it is now available as “Recommended Update” and not a mandatory one. You might have already received this notification, if you already reserved your free upgrade. You can download and install it via Windows update service or you can just download it now and upgrade later. In case you don’t like it after installation, you can revert back to the previous OS within a month limit.


Microsoft recommends upgrading to Windows 10 for free (


If you have a low bandwidth and/or facing issues upgrading to Windows 10, you can download the installation media as an ISO image and burn it to DVD or create a Windows 10 bootable USB device. Also, you can try to force your system to start downloading the updates in case it’s stuck in between.


There are plenty of new features available on Windows 10 that you like to explore. New features and enhancements are in continuous process. If you like, you can register as a Windows Insider to get the bits faster before public version make available and in such case, be prepare to handle your system in case anything goes wrong as the insider bits are in development stage and might have possible bugs.


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